The Book

Foreign Sanctuary  My Book Writing [The Process]
Foreign Sanctuary My Book Writing [The Process]

Yes, I am writing a book!!!

There – I said it! There it is in big bold letters for the world to read and everyone to see!

I am not sure where this is going to go but I am trying and typing as fast as my little fingers can go to write the content of my very first book which centers around moving to Taiwan and all the crazy and amazing experiences I had here during my first year!

It has been a mental ‘work in progress’ for a long time. Sometimes I would feel like ‘Yes, I am going to do this!’ and then doubt would start to creep in and I would think ‘What the hell am I thinking?!’

So I don’t know where it will go or what it will amount to but I am doing it!! I am indeed writing a book!!


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4 thoughts on “The Book

      1. No worries! There are a few articles that are well done in that series. I like the writing style and the tips seem very helpful. My sis is on her second novel (fiction) and I like to pass this sort of thing to her as well. If I come across any more, I’ll send them your way!

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