Taiwan’s population to shrink faster than World Population Review claims | Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – According to the World Population Review 2019, published earlier in March, the outlook for Taiwan’s population growth continues to decline in line with previous forecasts, albeit with some divergence. However, the country is still on its way to becoming a “super aged society” in the near future.

The World Population Review places Taiwan’s current fertility rate at 1.218 children per woman and the current annual population growth rate at 0.27 percent.

However, Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC) challenged the report’s proposed fertility rate of 1,218 children per woman. The CDC places the figure at 1.06 children per woman.

According to Taiwan’s National Development Council (NDC), which bases its statement on CDC data, at the current rate, Taiwan is expected to reach a negative population growth rate by 2022.

The Liberty Times reports that the gap between the two fertility rates may be due to older data sets from 2017 that have not been updated to include 2018 data for the World Population Review publication.

The World Population Review predicts that Taiwan will experience slight but unsustainable growth over the next decade, from 23.7 million people to 24.1 million people in 2030.

However, by 2050, as the surly society begins to contract, Taiwan is expected to shrink to a society of 22.7 million people. By 2090, that number is expected to rise to 16.7 million people if trends continue.

The Individual Taiwan Report states that on average a woman in Taiwan gives birth every two minutes, with one death on average every three minutes.

Every 18 minutes, Taiwan is likely to increase its population with just one migrant. Considering the birth rate, Taiwan’s population registers a net gain of one person every eight minutes on average, according to the report.

However, Taiwan’s NDC warns that there are errors in the data reported by the World Population Review, and that Taiwan’s population is likely to be shrinking at a faster rate than the Review suggests.

According to the 2019 review, calculated based on the total percentage of the world’s population, the fastest growing countries are, as you might expect, China, India, the United States, Indonesia. and Brazil in that order.

However, the countries with the highest individual growth rates are found in the Middle East and Africa.

Janice J. Kostka