Poll says majority Taiwanese people don’t want to trade face masks for vaccine – Taiwan English News

A majority of people in Taiwan would rather continue to wear masks than take a COVID-19 vaccine according to survey results on Yahoo News.

Yahoo began carrying out the poll after Health Minister Chen Shih-chung said warrants for wearing masks will be lifted once “vaccination rates reach a certain level.” The statement was made in response to a question at a press conference on April 21 in which a Reuters report was quoted pointing out that Israel [somewhat] relaxation of mask-wearing mandates after vaccination rates reach 80% of the population.

“When will we no longer be forced in Taiwan to wear masks?” asked a reporter.

At the end of the first day of voting in a poll that began on Yahoo on April 22, of 5,000 respondents, over 60% said they would rather wear a mask than get the vaccine.

Shortly after midnight on April 23, only 6.5% of people responded that they would definitely take a vaccine, while 29% said they would probably prefer to take a vaccine if it meant they could remove the mask.

A majority of respondents replied that they would rather continue to wear masks than to get the vaccine, with 32.1% saying they definitely would not take a vaccine and 28.6% saying they probably would not take a vaccine. vaccine, even if it meant they could stop wearing masks.

Only 3.8% of respondents were undecided.

To the question “Does wearing a mask pose a problem in your daily life?” 60.6% said it was not a problem, 30.5% said it was a bit of a problem and 5.9% said it was a major problem. Only 3% were undecided.

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