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After selecting and eliminating several word combinations for my blog title, I finally arrived at the perfect title: Foreign Sanctuary, Familiar Oasis. But then I decided to be shorten to it to two words: Foreign Sanctuary.  These few words communicate and translate the true essence and purpose of this blog, its future topics, its potential stories to be written and shared.

I currently live in Asia, my foreign sanctuary.  Living here is quite different than living in Canada, my native country.  I am constantly out of my comfort zone which can be quite exciting and daunting at times. Shopping at morning markets from local farmers, snake driving through traffic on a scooter, throwing the garbage out at the sound of Beethoven’s music (more on that in a future blog), speaking a different language, while being immersed in a different culture with different social rules are some of the things which make this my foreign sanctuary.  But living in a foreign country offers opportunities to explore and travel, make new friends, learn by experiencing, and most of all, enjoy everything this place has to offer.  


And right in the middle of this foreign sanctuary is my very own familiar oasis, my home.  My husband and I recently became new home owners and transfer the new shell of a house into our very own western oasis. We have a backyard with trees, a sunroom, (where the entries of this blog are written), colorful rooms, western appliances and design, and this house is so us.  It is comfy and cozy and screams our taste. Our Taiwanese friends are always in awe when they walk in to our personal haven.  It’s like someone transported our home over the ocean and land and placed it right in the our neighborhood.  One of my friends once commented that it ‘looks like something out of a magazine or a display room at a furniture store.’ 

I love living here, being surrounded by everything that is different and exciting, but I love the fact that I can escape to my familiar oasis, my haven where I can feel happy and comfortable.  Living in this foreign sanctuary has presented me with many opportunities, both personal and professional.  I have the luxury and the convenience of western life in my personal oasis and I have a foreign sanctuary which has proven many times to be my playground for fun, exploration, adventure, and experience.  Living abroad has presented some challenges from time to time but it has also presented many beautiful and memorable moments. 

So, that is why those words clearly summarize the true intention of this blog.  I hope to bring you all on a journey, through my eyes, via my blog (and eventually my book) as I share my travel and living abroad experiences as well as some personal design experiences about how we created our personal haven abroad with a western feel.  I also hope to visually display, through pictures, my love of nature, photography, and all things important and beautiful to me.  So, without further ado, let’s get started on this journey!

In essence, I am enjoying the best of both worlds and I want to share my worlds with you!!!


 P.S. To read more about me and my blog, go to Silent Contemplation, Beginning Thoughts 

To learn more about me, read This is Me: Putting a Face to the Name and the Blog



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