Week 1 Video: Family Time in Taiwan (在台灣的家庭時間)

week 1 thumbnail

What an adventure week one has been.  It was so fun to compile little clips of our lives and it was also great to be creative once again.  I hope to push the boundaries in the future with what I include in these videos and become braver by adding a little more of myself into the mix.

 The Video: Family Time in Taiwan ( 在台灣的家庭時間)

Here is a little sneak peek of what is included in week one of the video project which I have dubbed ‘Collecting Memories and Moments.’  I hope you take the time to check out the video and let me know what you think.

Until next time – keep smiling and shining!!  Have a great weekend!


week 1 flowers galore

week 1 feeding the fish

week 1 lotus

week 1 two giant dragons

week 1 coffee

week 1 flower market

week 1 birthday

week 1 temple celebration


One thought on “Week 1 Video: Family Time in Taiwan (在台灣的家庭時間)

  1. Another wonderful video from you, Constance. I felt like I was watching a travel video. It was very seamlessly done and certainly looked like there is so much to see in Taiwan in a regular week. Your boy looks like he was eager to feed the fishes and it looked like the fishes enjoyed his food. Coffee at McDonalds! I don’t drink coffee but I hear McDonalds does serve decent coffee 🙂 Hope you and your friends enjoyed celebrating your friend’s birthday. That looked like a very pretty sweet cake 🙂

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