The Joy of Being a Mom to Our Six Month Old Son

Our Baby Boy is Six Months Old

I know! Three posts in three days…I can’t believe it myself…!! [If you would like to check out my other two posts, click here and here.] But today is a very special day because…

Our son is officially six months old today. I can’t believe a half a year has gone by already but it has, and I just wish I could bottle up all his innocence as well as all the joy and happiness I feel as a mom.

We have shared so many precious moments as a family since he was born. From special occasions to spontaneous moments of laughter to much needed cuddles – these are the memories that I will never forget about, the moments that have made the first six months of our baby boy’s life all the more special.

Plus, it is also amazing to watch a tiny human grow and develop. From being able to hold his head upright to rolling over to nearly crawling, he constantly has the look of determination on his face. Nothing is never too hard for a baby and every day he keeps trying and trying to coordinate his limbs to crawl. We expect that he will be crawling soon. As for walking, he stands with our assistance for long periods of time – so long, that my arms get a full workout.

But, apparently, we are the lucky ones. Several people have told us what a pleasant personality our little boy has compared to others. My friend told me her baby cried all day, every day. Our son only cries when he is hungry – and when he is, watch out. By his screams, you swear we haven’t fed him in days. But, when he is full, the smiles return and he is happy again and onto his next adventure.

I like to think we play a role and are partially responsible for his happiness. He is a very, very loved boy and he knows it. We spend so much time nurturing and playing with him. And not only us, but his grandmother and the entire family.

As for my most prized memory this month – it has to be our son watching me fluff the Christmas tree. He never took his eyes off me the entire time. Oh, and decorating for Christmas was also a special one. Helping him place the ornaments on the tree will be something that I will always reminisce about in the years to come.

And today – it has to be tickling him. His anticipation is just as priceless as the laughter conjured up from the tickle itself.

And I will end this post here because someone needs some TLC!!

Until next time, my friends….!


11 thoughts on “The Joy of Being a Mom to Our Six Month Old Son

  1. Such a sweet post dedicated to your son, Constance. He sounds like a big shining light in your life and a very inspiring person already, seeing how determined he is! I think he was being quiet watching you fluff the Christmas tree as perhaps he thought you had a gift somewhere for him 😀 Happy six months and many more happy moments together.

    1. Thanks, Mabel! I wish I had more time to document all the joys [and challenges] of being a mom. He is always interested in new things so that is why I think he was so content watching me fluff the tree.

      Hope the holiday season is off to a good start for you! 🙂

  2. Congratulations for the first six months 🙂
    Now that our son is nearly three he starts to understand things like Christmas so he was really really excited when we decorated the apartment and especially had suddenly a big Christmas tree in the living room

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