Way Back When…

Way Back When…

I have been going through my photos from way back when – way before my blog, Foreign Sanctuary, existed.  Back to a time when photography was purely for fun.


…when I lived in Taipei

Remembering all the times I cycled to Danshui (Tamshui) and watched the sunset.

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…when I captured my first ever picture of a lotus

Pretty Lotus with raindrops!

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…when I realized how beautiful the shadows of this essential oil lamp was…and the feeling I felt when I hooked the cord while cleaning and the lamp came crashing down

Light and Shadows!! It's too bad I broke it….!!

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…when I took the time to admire the rice fields in Meinong

…when I captured this shot that will forever be one of my favorites

…when I attended the Taiwan Lantern Festival for my own enjoyment and absolutely no other reason

The Present…

Fast forward to now and I have the same feeling these days. I have been taking photos solely to document my son’s life. I have been capturing moments of my his life as he grows. They will be just reminders for me, for my husband, for our families, for him.

And I have learned that photography is very different when it is personal.

I have been sharing some these past and present photos on Instagram and will continue to do so in the future.

Why do you take photos?


9 thoughts on “Way Back When…

  1. Your photos of scenery and flowers are stunning, Constance. I think you’ve always had a thing and skill for photography. Always focused on a subject and bringing it to spotlight 🙂 I never used to be a fan of taking photos up until last year. Each moment around us is a memory. Each moment, each memory, tells a story that can have important lessons or inspire someone else or even ourselves. So I take photos to capture these moments, and at some point I always look back at the photos I take and relive those moments again 🙂

  2. Lovely pix as usual.

    With a smart phone, capturing pictures are so much easier esp when it has a good camera. A micro lens will come in handy.

    I like to take pictures of architecture, plants, shadows and street photography. Recently, I experimented with night photography with my smart phone and it turned out better than I thought.

  3. Fabulous! That flower & bee pic captured the moment beautifully! I really really really need to start getting back to my neglected blog as have oodles of photos been wanting share.

  4. I take photos to remember, I think. I love reviewing old pictures.
    Nowadays I also take pictures to put them on the blog and instagram, haha.

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