Daydreaming & Reminising about the Perfect Fall

While I was driving home last night, this previous post popped into my mind.

There is a very slight hint of fall in the air [and I stressed only slight]. The changing of the seasons here isn’t as dramatic or drastic as in Canada, but I will take a drop in temps, no matter how insignificant, any day.

Hope you enjoy! And hopefully I will be posting some new content soon. I have lots of ideas for posts, but right now, my book is eating up all my time and taking priority.

Foreign Sanctuary

283_20348572002_7426_n_PictureBooster_635139023264722301 Welcoming the day during fall in the Rockies

There is something about the glimpse of fall in the air that conjures up excitement inside. Memories of previous falls flood into my mind. The cool, crisp air caressing my skin and the fresh, gentle breeze blowing through my hair. The shorter evenings remind me of harvest season, the season to be thankful for my blessings. 

Autumn swings by and showers its magic on trees, creating a picture perfect painting of red, orange, and yellow.  Long walks in the parks and forests with the music of crunching leaves under your feet resurface in my mind.

DSC00182_PictureBooster_635139021513391626 Early Morning Fall Walk, Vancouver, Canada

It is my favorite time of the year.  There is a sense of endings and new beginnings.  We bid good-bye to summer, to the green trees, and the holidays of summer.  But we welcome the sense of new and renewal: a…

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7 thoughts on “Daydreaming & Reminising about the Perfect Fall

  1. Gorgeous photos! I always welcomed the coming of Autumn as I LOVE wearing sweaters and enjoying that slight nip in the air. I kind of miss the fall foliage from back home, but there is also beauty in experiencing fall in Hangzhou.

  2. I can relate! Autumn and Spring in Barcelona are very brief. Winter’s quite mild compared to the UK. It does get cold, cold enough for a winter coat and gloves but in the city it rarely drops below -1C early morning (outside in the countryside and in other parts of Spain, it does get freezing cold with snow for weeks. Snow sports are huge here and the Pyrenees aren’t far). There’s only a few weeks of feeling crisp afternoons which I love and miss about the UK before winter arrives mid December and I always notice autumnal fall leaves in January!

  3. Wise words about fall, or autumn as we prefer to call that season after summer here in Australia. Even more special for you since it’s the season you got together officially with your husband. It must give you fuzzy feelings 🙂 I’ve never really appreciated fall and the cooler months until this year – been out a lot taking photos and the longer nights means sunsets happen earlier in the day, which means less waiting around to catch them with my camera.

    Good luck with your book, Constance. So happy to hear you are on the home stretch. Not far now and I am cheering you all the way to the end 🙂

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