My Top Most Embarrassing [Travel] Moments with My Taiwanese Husband

Embarrassing Travel Moments with My Taiwanese Husband
Embarrassing Travel Moments with My Taiwanese Husband

[An extension of a previous post – My Taiwanese Husband & His Most Amazing Moment in Vegas]

Traveling with a love one, especially with a husband, wife, or significant other, is absolutely incredible. You get to experience and embrace different cultures, sights, and sounds together. You get to sample the local cuisine together and share some of life’s most memorable moments as a couple. But, there are these rare occasions, those moments that you wish could be forgotten, that could be erased from memory. Those moments of embarrassment, of humiliation!

I love my husband but I honestly believe that he has a selective memory, something that I have recently dubbed as ‘sometimers.’ Ask him what he did yesterday and you will be met with a blank stare! Say the word Vegas and he will go on about how he got IDed and I did not – a story that I wrote about in the past.

However, there are another few other words that jogs his memory as well: Malaysia, birds, 3D movies, and Florida.

Believe me, I am not kidding. My theory was recently put to the test and once again, it was proven to be correct. One particular story that I am going to share with you emerged right before the start of the movie, Fast and Furious 7. There I was, seated between my husband and his mother. I took the 3D glasses out of the bag, looked at them to make sure they were clean, and my husband began to laugh. I knew what was coming, the first example in this post, story #1…..

The 3D Effect
The 3D Effect

~1~ The 3D Effect

Mention the words ‘Florida’ or 3D and this story comes to life!

During our visit to the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, my husband and I had the opportunity to watch not one, but two 3D movies. One of the movies commenced by primarily focusing on the space shuttle launch at the beginning. And I must admit that it felt so real, like I was right there, really viewing it. As the rockets fired up and the engines started to roar, you could feel the immense energy. As the shuttle launched into the air, the sheer pressure sent rocks flying through the air at an incredible force, causing the glass to break. It felt so real that my instant reaction was to touch my eye glasses that were located under the 3D glasses without thinking [not sure why I wasn’t wearing contacts]. I tried to cover up my not so bright moment by rubbing my eyes but my husband didn’t fall for it and started laughing at me. I was busted!

Kennedy Space Center, Florida
Kennedy Space Center, Florida

~2~ Ready, Aim, Fire!

Mention the word ‘Malaysia’ or ‘bird,’ and these events will be retold. Sometimes even a bird flying overhead can also trigger memories of this story for my husband.

During our visit to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, my husband and I visited a forested area located within the city limits. During our temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, our green oasis literally became one of those places where s**t literally fell from the sky. Yes, one bird decided to dump its load of poop and aim it right on my head, all over my hair, and then splattered all over my clothes. My husband must have anticipated this embarrassing moment as he documented my entire predicament by taking photos and now we have official evidence of the day where the ‘s**t’ went down [on me]!! 

I am not sure why but I was lucky enough to have a change of clothes in my backpack that day– I guess I must have subconsciously predicted that something was going to happen that day!

Unfortunately for my husband, I also recall some embarrassing moments where he was the [unfortunate] star of the show. One particular incident involves cake and whenever I bake, that memory comes to mind.

But that is for another post at another time!

Did anything embarrassing or funny ever happen to you? Does you significant other like to the tell others about it? Feel free to drop me a line in the comment box below!

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23 thoughts on “My Top Most Embarrassing [Travel] Moments with My Taiwanese Husband

  1. Andy recently reminded me about the evil peacocks on Kauai. They stalked us for our sandwiches in the Fern Grotto. Like raptors in “Jurassic Park.”

    But they at least did not poop on us.

  2. With all the birds that fly over our heads, it’s a miracle we don’t all get hit with poop bombs.

    Thanks to the power of self-protection, I can’t think of a single embarrassing travel moment. This little story doesn’t exactly fit. But here goes. While visiting my in-laws in Singapore, we took our daughters to the zoo. The oldest, who was six years old, enjoyed reading the signs. When we reached the bear exhibit, she climbed on a bench and started to scale the fence so she could get a better look at the sign. The good news: I dragged her back. The bad news: This was the clue that she needed glasses.

    1. You are so right! It is a miracle that more of us aren’t victims to poop bombs.

      That is really scary and you were lucky that nothing bad happened. I enjoy reading signs in Taiwan as well – sometimes the English makes me scratch my head though!

  3. Birds are some evil creautes, especially pidgeons and seagulls! Thankfully I have not become a victim by these foul creatures for nearly two decades but I saw too often how they hunted down poor humans 😀

  4. Hahahaha! The bird story was very funny. Your husband must have some magic powers to sense all of this embarrassing moments happen to you. I hope you managed to wipe yourself clean of the bird poop after that – I hear that it dries fast and once it has hardened, it’s hard to clean. I also heard that if the bird poop is wet, it’s less toxic and if it’s hardened, that’s when it is sick and toxic. Don’t know if you’ve heard about this, it could be a rumour.

    As for embarrasing moments that happened to me? Can’t think of any…unless you count my parents surprising me with a birthday cake and song just now after dinner after work 😀

    1. Yes, sometimes I wonder if he has a psychic ability of some sort! haha 😉 I was very lucky that day as there was a bathroom nearby so I could wash it off and change immediately.

      That is so sweet of your parents! I hope you had an amazing birthday!!

  5. well, cultural differences may be embarrassing, negative or/and funny… finally, nothing tragic, so as we say in French: it’s better to laugh than to suffer! 🙂

  6. I hate bird poo! It’s the worst to get hit by that. I’m glad you had a change of clothes so you didn’t have to stay dirty all day! As for embarrassing stories, my fiancé got so used to jaywalking in the small American city we lived in that he continued to jaywalk when he got back to metropolitan Tokyo, Japan – and angered a lot of Japanese drivers when the walk sign was red!

  7. Hahaha, I have plenty of embarrassing travel stories…but your bird story reminded me! My family like to tease my father because he always seem to get presents from up above! It does not help that he has a shiny bald patch right in the middle of his head so we like to tease him that the birds use him for target practice…hahahahaha…:)

  8. I also make a fool of myself in 3Dmovies. Hubby had a pigeon poop on his head and all over his sunglasses in Venice. he wasn’t at all amused, and I managed not to laugh. I just handed him a wad of tissues as any good wife would. 😀

  9. That’s Malaysian birds welcoming you to the country, it seems! If it makes you feel any better, I have been the recipient of birds’ gifts for more times than my fingers can count! To make ourselves feel better, we sometimes call those 天降黄金 (you can read Chinese words, don’t you?) and claim that our fortune for that particular day would be excellent. After all, it is not easy to get hit by those ‘aerial bombs’ so one must be extremely lucky on that day. 😀

  10. Hahaha, I have definitely been pooed on by birds but a looong time ago! And they were small birds so the only affected place was my hair… “luckily”.

  11. Haha! That’s quite a feat I think, I worked in a zoo for a year and a half and a nature reserve for 8 months (working with birds mainly) and didn’t get pooed on. I can’t think of anything embarrassing that’s happened to me (that’s my mind in denial) but speaking of animal… excretions, I once saw a man while I was at the zoo who was gaping at one of our tamarins who just aimed really really well. That one must be hard to live down.

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