Warming Hearts and Sharing His Culture with a Taiwanese Love Song

Warming Hearts and Sharing His Culture with a Taiwanese Love Song
Warming Hearts and Sharing His Culture with a Taiwanese Love Song

About Being ‘Proud’

My husband is very proud to be Taiwanese. I am a Canuck to the core and he is Taiwanese through and through. However, we both perfectly mesh together to make a great couple, two people who are constantly sharing and learning about our different cultures and traditions.

My husband also enjoys sharing glimpses of his Taiwanese culture with my family. He showed my uncle some tai chi moves while enjoying a few beer one night. He taught my aunt and uncle some Chinese words and phrases which led to my uncle answering the phone saying ‘wei’ for a month.

However, one specific memory comes to mind. And it is a beautiful memory at that.

Attending My Cousin’s Wedding

My husband and I were lucky enough to be in Canada when my cousin got married. It was a special event for me because I got to see and catch up with all my family members on my mom’s side, some whom I hadn’t seen since my own wedding. Plus, I got to see one particular aunt and uncle that I hadn’t seen in years and who never met my husband until then. It was great to catch up with everyone.

My family has opened up their hearts and have welcomed my husband with open arms. He feels comfortable around them. They treat him like one of their best buddies. That is probably why he felt comfortable enough to do what he did.

Warming Hearts and Sharing His Culture with a Taiwanese Love Song

During the reception, the bride (my cousin) and the groom requested that people sing a love song in order for them to kiss instead of the traditional tapping of the glasses. My husband, who was feeling rather happy and confident at that point, decided that he wanted to sing a love song.

He made his way to the front, stood behind the podium, adjusted the microphone, and started to speak. Suddenly, all talking stopped, the noise ceased, and you could hear a pin drop. The place fell completely silent and all eyes were on him.

Then he began to speak ‘Hi, everyone! It is hard for me to memorize and remember the lyrics of English love songs but I will sing you a Taiwanese love song.’

He immediately began to sing. The lyrics of the song basically described how lonely it is if the person you love is not by your side, how the comforter/blanket is not warm if the person you love is not there with you, how the pillow is not comfortable if your soulmate is not next to you.

When he finished singing, the place erupted in cheers. Everyone clapped and some even gave him a standing ovation. It wasn’t because he is a great singer (I don’t think there are any Grammys in his future) but because he took the time to share a part of him and his culture. As he returned to his seat, some people (some whom he didn’t even know) shook hands with him. It was great to see people respond so positively to something they didn’t even understand. I was happy he did it.

As the evening went on, several people came up to me and said they really enjoyed my husband singing. And there was one woman in particular, who I later found out was the groom’s aunt, said ‘I have no idea what your husband was singing, but he really warmed my heart. I could feel the sincerity in the melody.’

The next day, my husband had to explain the lyrics on facebook because everyone was asking him about the song. He was so happy that people responded so positively to something they couldn’t understand and they had taken such an interest in his culture. And like the groom said ‘How many people can say they had a Taiwanese guy sing at their wedding!?!’

And as most people know, smiling is a universal language. However, people can also sense emotion and sincerity and if you listen carefully to what people sing (or say), it may very well warm your heart – even if you don’t understand.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope someone warms your heart today and every single day.

~~And those of you who were lucky enough to be born on Valentine’s Day like me – Happy Birthday!!  I hope you are spoiled rotten today and every day as well.  I hope you are showered with love and great gifts!!~~


30 thoughts on “Warming Hearts and Sharing His Culture with a Taiwanese Love Song

  1. Awww! What a wonderful story, and such a wonderful experience! It seems like everyone really shared that special momentーmusic and smiles really are a universal language. ❤

    Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 😀 Have a wonderful, wonderful day! ❤

    1. Yes, the beat of a song or the melody can really translate the message of a song. It is one of his proud and shining moments, but no record deal [yet]! 😉

      And thanks! I had a great Valentine’s Day and Birthday!! I hope you had a great V-Day as well!!

  2. Aww, such a heartwarming story, glad that your husband was brave enough to do it in front of so many people! Not easy, I’m sure…haha…and happy Valentine’s day n Happy Birthday to you!!! Such a lucky date to have a birthday on although that does mean your husband gets out of getting you another gift…or is it double celebration instead? Hahaha…enjoy today to the fullest!! 😄

  3. “smiling is a universal language” Bang on right, Constance. That was so nice of your husband to sing at the wedding, not to show off his pipes but to be sporting and join in the merry-making and spread the love around. I suppose people understood how he felt, the song and the emotion because he was simply himself – and we all gravitate towards honestly and confidence.

    Maybe next time you will join your husband on stage, sometime, someplace and you two can sing a song together 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Constance. Double the love to you, and double the presents too. Hope you have a very good day and hope your husband gets you something you like 🙂 ❤

    1. Yes, people can sense someone’s sincerity and emotions while someone is singing. And we may very well do a duet in the future [maybe in English or Chinese though]! 🙂

      Thanks so much! I had a wonderful Birthday and Valentine’s Day. I hope you had an amazing Valentine’s Day as well!

  4. Happy Birthday, Constance! Do you get two presents on the same day? 😀

    And I really would like to know which song your husband sang. Maybe I could learn a thing or two from him! I hope it is not some Jay Chou song 😉

  5. Such a great story. I would never ever sing before others…okay I do not even sing for myself. I am just terrible when it comes to singing or anything related to it 🙂 (applies to dancing as well)

    It is so wonderful to see that people do not need to understand a song to be moved by it as it clearly shows when your husband was singing

    1. Oh, come on!! I am sure you have sung ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ to Nathan? 🙂

      I think it is indeed wonderful for people to connect with something they don’t understand. It was nice that people wanted to know more about the song as well!

  6. Happy birthday! Hope your having a lovely day. That was really a heartwarming story. 😍😬👌 I could never be brave enough to sing in front of everyone. Seems like everyone got to share a nice experience together. 😀

  7. Happy birthday, Constance.

    What a beautiful story! I’m not surprised that your husband’s song was a hit. Chinese love songs can be very emotional. Your husband must have done a good job of showing that emotion.

  8. How wonderful (and brave!) of your husband to stand up in front of a room full of people and share a special song to bring a sense of culture and love from a different part of the world and share it at such a memorable occasion 🙂

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