Taking a Plane: What it is like to Fly with My Canadian Wife

What it is like to fly with my Canadian Wife

I once again hand my blog over to my husband today. [The handsome guy in the picture below]

This is sort of a follow-up to last Friday’s post entitled ‘The Toughest Moment to Relive: Sharing the First Excerpt of My Book’

Hope you enjoy!

my handsome husband looking all cool!
my handsome husband looking all cool!

I’m not Afraid of being High

When I was a kid, I was the one who always climbed as high as possible to the top of the tallest tree. When I went to an amusement park, I was always the one who took those rides that would make you feel zero gravity and I would take them multiple times until I felt tired and couldn’t go anymore.

So there you go, I’m not afraid of being high (and I don’t mean on drugs) and flying. Flying and heights never scared me.

Flying Experiences

However, when it comes flying with my wife, well that is another story.

I always need to mentally prepared myself before I get on the plane with her. I need to prepare my mind so I am not startled by her reactions and the stuff she says.

And knowing what she had been through during her previous flying experiences, I am not surprised. I also need to give her some positive thoughts to calm her down before we board the plane. And if I didn’t do that, then I would have negative thoughts as well. And I would be afraid that my nervous system might break down because of all the negative thoughts she gives me.

My sleeping habits

Plus, I can sleep anywhere and at anytime if I’m tired or I have nothing to do. There was one time that I was so tired that I just took a nap right on the pavement of my friend’s driveway so I could keep going and partying with my friends later.

So, whenever I fly I usually fall asleep not long after getting on board and taking off. However, I can’t say the same for my wife. She usually can’t fall asleep on a flight at all. She is usually wide-awake staring at the TV screen, counting down the hours and minutes until landing.

And because she is awake, I usually tell my wife to wake me up whenever they are serving the meals. So, the only time I am awake on an airplane is when I am eating something. LOL!

Turbulence Experience & a Handprint

Whenever there is turbulence, my wife will always hold my hand to calm herself down.

There was one time that the turbulence was so bad and lasted for so long before landing that she had to hold my hand tighter and tighter. Then, the plane dropped suddenly which made her even more nervous. Because she was shivering and sweating so much, I had to ask her to let go of my hand. If not, I would be just as scared as she was. Since she insisted on touching me to calm herself down, I asked her to put her hand on my lap instead. Even though I still could feel her shivering on my lap, I didn’t get affected as much as if she was holding my hand.

Guess what happened?

I ended up walking off the airplane and around the airport with a wet hand print on my cargo pants. I temporarily wore my wife’s fear on the side of my pants in the shape of a hand print.

Planning a Trip Abroad

So whenever my wife is planning a trip abroad, I will always tease her and said “You’re so afraid of flying, why you are planning a trip abroad? Just plan a trip in Taiwan, OK?”

And of course the answer is a “NO, I want to go abroad.” Then I will say, “You just want to put me through the ‘experience’ again, don’t you?”

She just laughs and gives an evil grin.

The Tables are Turned

And unfortunately, during our last flight the tables were turned.

During my last flight with Constance (which was from Toronto to Taipei), she slept most of the time (10+ hours) and I was the one who was envious that she could sleep and I could not.

And I ended up being the one waking HER up to eat.

See what she has done to me!

Is there anything that your spouse or significant other is afraid of? What do you to calm him or her down and make them feel better?

[NOTE: I am going back to only blogging Monday and Friday starting in February. Three times a week is a little too much.]


28 thoughts on “Taking a Plane: What it is like to Fly with My Canadian Wife

  1. I’m assuming that your husband has a name rather than just husband.
    I too found Taiwanese able to sleep at an instant. 10 minute break in class and they would be gone in less than 30 seconds and they were truly asleep. I asked and finally got an answer that made sense. Let your mind drift and then stop thinking. Sounds difficult for Western oriented minds and it is. But it can be done. So husband of Constance, let your mind drift and stop thinking. You’ll be back to your normal state of dropping off. Constance can try it too. Now who will wake you for a meal? Unless you’re flying EVA it’s not worth waking for.

    1. Yes, he does have a name but I am not sure if he wants me to use it on my blog. 🙂

      Yes, Taiwanese can fall asleep with a snap of the fingers. It is amazing! They seem to use all available time to nap because of their demanding schedules.

      Yes, hopefully we both will be able to sleep on our next flight. And I don’t think we need to worry about waking up for meals if we fly with Eva – they provide stickers (or they used to) that you can put of your seat (one says ‘Wake me up for meals’ and another says ‘Do not disturb.’)

  2. For unknown reasons I can sleep always on short flights, let’s say less than four hours. I fall asleep an my wife wakes me up when food is being served. However on long flights I can not sleep at all. I am just watching movies the entire time and when I finaly do get sleepy we are already landing 😦

    I wish I would be able to sleep on these long flights as time really slows down when you are checking the hours an minutes left on the plane…
    Next time my changes of being able to sleep are even slimmer as little Nathan will be with us, babies on planes are never fun 😮

  3. I hardly sleep when on long distance flight. Well one of the reasons is because I fly Singapore Airlines where we all have our personal screen and the movie selection is impressive! And then my destination is mostly to San Francisco and arrival is at night, so I always try to force myself to stay awake, then I can crash when I arrive and be cured of jet lag the next day!

  4. Good on your husband for being able to doze at the drop of a hat. I can never do that on planes and I’m a nervous flyer. I think it’s because of all the people mumbling around me on the plane, the noises of the plane, the clanking of the food carts as they roll around – even when I put the headphones on 😦

    You’re lucky your husband can calm you down, and actually makes and effort to do so. Me, on the other hand, the more I chat with the people next to me on the plane, the more nervous I feel. I find that sitting in silence helps for me and listening to music 🙂

    1. I am lucky that he is aware of my fear and tries to help me out as much as he can. However, he has his own traveling secret which I will definitely reveal sometime in the future!

      I am glad to hear that you have also found a way to cope with flying. I love listening to music as well.

  5. Laughing at the wet hand print. 🙂 I think flying long distance is safer that travelling by car to my local store. At least there’s and age limit for pilots, and they’re not still flying planes at 90-years-old. 😆

  6. This post was really funny!!! I’m pretty good at sleeping on a plane too, actually I fall asleep before the plane takes off and wake up after landing (realize we’ve landed and close my eyes again until I hear everyone unbuckling their seat belt) but there were a couple of times that I couldn’t sleep at all and I was so close to start crying in front of everybody!!

  7. I used to be unable to sleep in planes, but lately I am finding it easier… maybe it is because I’m getting old? 😀

    I love your husband’s posts, he is telling us all of your dark secrets 😉

      1. Oh goodness yes. Did I happen to mention that I used to travel with extra clothing to change into?? And not only because of travelling for hours upon hours?? You can imagine my horror when all the restrictions of travelling with liquids and gels came through. 😀

  8. Hahahaha, this is an interesting perspective, is it really that bad? I have a friend who is scared of flying too and she would freak out when it is taking off but she is fine after that. I too find it hard to sleep on a flight unless I am really tired and even if do get to sleep, I feel even more tired after because my sleep is fitful.

      1. Lol, I’m envious that you can sleep!! Most of the time I don’t really sleep well…but good thing you managed to find a coping system for flying. …😄

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