This is Me: Putting a Face to the Name and the Blog

This is ME

Blogging Anonymously

Once I click the publish button today, there is no turning around, there is no turning back. There is no reversing my actions. My blogging ‘mask’ is gone, the ‘curtains’ have been lifted.

I have been blogging anonymously from the start, from the beginning. I found something safe about that. No one could put the words that I write to a face. I could write freely without being identified, without being judged. It felt and still feels safe.

See, within my circle of ‘real life’ friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances, only two people know that I actually have a blog – my husband and a good friend. I wanted (and still want) my blog to be a place where I can freely express myself through writing and I know that some of what I write could be taken the wrong way by certain people (yes, it really could and probably would be).

I have wanted to do this for a long time and kept postponing it for a while. I am not entirely sure why I am so shy to post a picture of myself until now – but I am sure that it has something to do with being a small-town girl. I am actually quite confident (but humble) in real life – seriously, I am! 🙂

Most people say they like putting a face to a blog as they can relate to the person more. I even have read that some people refuse to read blogs that don’t have a picture of the blogger – one actually said ‘Why should I read your blog if you are not willing to show me who you are?’

Putting a Face to the Name and to the Blog

But, right now, I am willing to step out of my comfort zone and post my picture. I am going to put a face to the name and to the blog.

So, allow me to re-introduce myself!

My name is indeed Constance, I am indeed Canadian, and I do indeed live in Taiwan – but you guys already knew that!

I love the simple things in life – the setting sun, the mountains, everything nature.

Many things make me happy – especially flowers (which comes as no big surprise as my blog is polluted with flower posts).

Photography is one of my passions and getting the perfect shot is like pure magic or striking gold (but you knew that, too).

I love caps (but not baseball ones) – I have many and I love wearing them!

Sometimes my mind is very focused (like writing the contents of my book, for example) and sometimes my mind is all over the place, but it keeps life interesting (kind of like my blog – it is a good representation of me).

I love attending festivals – especially lantern festivals!

I try to do everything to the best of my ability – I am an all or nothing girl!

I hate cleaning but I do it anyway as I love having a neat and tidy place!

Finding my own little piece of paradise on this crowded island is like hitting the jackpot.

A lot of my focus and energy these days are on writing my book.

But the biggest love of my life is my husband. He trumps all flowers and caps and holidays and festivals and everything else. 🙂

Now, over to you!! Is there anything you are afraid to share on your blog? If you are not a blogger, is there anything you are afraid to share in real life?

~~Both of the pictures of me included in this post were taken by my husband!~~

~~And I guess my previous post ‘Do You See Blue, Carrot Head?’ makes more sense now.

UPDATE:  I have since deleted my pics.



71 thoughts on “This is Me: Putting a Face to the Name and the Blog

  1. Wow! This is huge! Good for you!

    I think it’s hard to know what’s appropriate sometimes. I’m not always sure if I should post about my kids. I try to think things through as to not embarrass them if they ever come across any of my posts when they are older.

  2. Nice to meet you 🙂

    Even though many people in my family and from my circle of friends know I have a blog I never posted any pictures of me for nearly a year I think. The first blog post where I was to be seen was in the “our wedding in Finland” article.

    For me it wasn’t so much about staying anonymous but more about not finding the right topic where I would fit in. Furthermore I am usually taking the pictures so there is then of course little chance to get any good photo with me in it…

    1. Yes, I remember reading the post you wrote about your wedding – the pictures were beautiful.

      For me, it was more about why I started the blog and I think Mabel found the perfect reasoning when she said ‘you’re so busy bringing to us what Taiwan has to offer and focusing on the stories that matter.’ I am not sure but I like to think that she is right! 🙂

  3. You look much better than what I imagined, to be honest. In my perception, people who do not show their face in their blogs is most likely people who are not confident with their looks (polite way of saying ‘ugly’, sorry for the bluntness), and I don’t think you are that! 😀

    The only thing I avoid in the blog is naming names if and when I talk about work (because I still need the job and Malaysians are not well known for being cool about criticisms), but other than that, anything goes. It is my blog after all, if I’m not allowed to write what I want in MY blog, then it is pretty pointless isn’t it?

    1. My husband and I laughed at your rather honest and blunt opinion. It is funny because when my friend starting reading my blog and saw I didn’t post a picture of myself, she said ‘I bet some readers think you are butt ugly.’

      I think changing some names to protect people’s identity is important. I am changing the names of people for my book as well. However, I find that the real name pops in a time or two so I guess I have to be real careful when editing.

  4. Hello there 😉 For some reason I imagined you to be blond. I’m always thinking how people I’d never see are in real life (and i’m mostly always wrong).

    While there are some pictures of me on my blog, it’s still not that many. Most of the pictures on there are mine and I havent caught up with the selfie cultire yet 😛

    As for not writing about some stuff, I usually try to keep some personal stuff at bay although they crop up now and then.

    1. Thanks for dropping by! You are not the only one who thought I had blond hair as I think another 3 or 4 people said the same thing as well. 🙂

      I agree about keeping certain things private but as time goes on, I feel more willing to share things that I thought I would never share. Nothing too, too personal but things that will help others understand me more.

  5. Hello, Constance. It is very nice to meet you finally 😀 You look so happy in the photos, and you look good in that hat in the second photo of you. In fact, I think you have a head and face fit for wearing hats – you don’t come off being a guy or tomboyish (not that there’s anything wrong with looking like that), but looking cool and you. Like HongKong Husband, I always got the impression you had dark blonde hair or light brown hair, maybe a bit shorter 😎

    I personally don’t like putting photos of myself on my blog. Not because I’m ashamed of how I look, but I believe there is more to the world than just me. Maybe it’s also why you haven’t put photos on your blog until now – because you’re so busy bringing to us what Taiwan has to offer and focusing on the stories that matter.

    When I started my blog, I made rules about what not to talk about: romantic relationships, age, the real names of friends and colleagues. I also made it a rule to remove any swear words in the comments section (not that I have anything against swearing, I just don’t swear in real life and there might be young readers out there). At the end of the day, our blogs reflect who we are as writers and people too. But then again, readers misinterpret what they see and read on our blogs…

    Good luck with writing your book, Constance. I now it will be fabulous 🙂 ❤

    1. Actually, my love of hats started in Taiwan – they sell so many cute and fashionable ones here plus they are shield your head in the summer and keep your head warm in the winter. Lots of girls wear them as an accessory here.

      ‘…because you’re so busy bringing to us what Taiwan has to offer and focusing on the stories that matter.’ Thank you!! I couldn’t have said it better myself! 🙂

      I agree about the inappropriate language as well – you actually don’t know who is reading your blog.

      And thanks!! I wrote 4000 (!!!) words today!! I am still amazed with how it just flowed today but some days stringing the right words together is an effort.

      1. I find that hats are smaller in Asia, not as big and ‘loud’ as the many big brimmed and accessory/ribbon/feather heavy ones in Australia. Yes, they are certainly cute. I’m biased a bit, since I prefer Asian fashion and clothes.

        Keep writing, Constance. I know the feeling. I’m sending lots of positive energy your way 🙂 ❤

  6. Constance! It’s so nice to finally put a face on you haha! I had imagined you were blonde, with short hair and glasses. Yep, I was totally wrong hahaha. (And the thing is I had read the post about “carrot head” but for some reason that didn’t change my previous idea haha).

  7. Nice to see the real you! I know it is hard to show certain things about ourselves on our blogs. There are actually a lot of things that I don’t feel comfortable talking about on my blog partially because my family (my grandma for gosh sakes!) reads it, and because of the sensitive nature of the area of China that I often write about and used to live in.

    Most of the time I don’t feel a desperate need to say the things I don’t dare say, but there are moments where I wish I could totally be myself. Maybe someday.

    1. I know what you mean and know where you are coming from. I was very vague when I started blogging but now I feel like I have become more open and willing to share things that I thought I would never share. Nothing too, too personal but things that will help others understand me more.

  8. Such pretty eyes and what a stunning smile! 😀

    As for what I’m afraid of sharing on the blog, hmm. I don’t want to get *too* personal (especially if it affects people around me), and for the most part political and religious views (as opposed to explanations/neutral talk) and mostly anything sexual is off the table. Basically anything you’d avoid in polite company at dinner.
    I’m not entirely opposed to having photos of myself (I used to a lot when I traveled and stuck my finger up statue noses… ;p), I just don’t seem to take many anymore! And if it’s a photo with YJ then I’m just reluctant because of that bear face he likes so much. XD (One day…!)

  9. I understand your point, I feel like I can’t write about everything I want on my blog especially because it’s read by friends, family and co-workers. I can’t mention or make hints about my sexuality and this is the most frustrating part.

  10. I understand about the anonymous part. I have posted a few pictures of myself. But don’t advertise my blog to real life friends etc. It is something I want or do for myself. Sort of the other me. lol Yet at the same time I would like my blog mates to know more about me … without revealing too much. It is a hard balance for me. But I am so glad to see/know you as many of your followers are too. That you have the support of your husband in this is wonderful. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about blogging with me. I am also trying to strike that perfect balance between real life and blogging. It is great to know that I am not the only one who is trying to work it all out as she goes along!

  11. Ah! Great to finally “see” you! I was wondering about that quite a while ago actually. But I figured everyone has their own policy on how much they want to “share” themselves, so I never really asked 🙂 Looking good, Constance!

  12. Nice to meet you! I’ve always wondered what your name is. I really felt weird when I put my photo out there for the first time too, but you get used to it!

  13. Thanks for sharing your face with us, Constance; it’s much easier to relate to a blog if you can picture the person behind it.

    I’m not shy about posting photos of myself … if the’re good. That said, I prefer to post photos of the people, places and foods we enjoy, as our blog really isn’t about me or Dan, it’s about the world. Okay, maybe it’s a little about us; it about the world as we saw it. (Hence the name, lol.)

    I try to keep my vocabulary and topics acceptable for polite dinner conversation, if for no other reason than my husband runs a few other businesses and I don’t want to embarrass him.

    1. Thanks for dropping by and I am glad that a picture makes it easer to relate to my blog. I agree that it is important to keep the language appropriate and the topics acceptable. I love your blog and the travels destinations and topics you cover! 🙂

  14. I completely understand a lot of what you’re saying here Constance – I was a bit of an “anonymous” blogger myself for the first few months of blogging (hadn’t really told anyone except family and my husband!) but I’m so glad to see you shared a pic and like many have said here, it’s a lovely photo 🙂

  15. Good post! I did project 365 this year and through its ups and downs i had to find ways to share things without sharing them exactly… Its a good challenge but i think a blog with a personal side is good, so good luck!!

  16. I just stumbled upon your blog recently, and I’m glad I did! I’m also living in Taiwan, so I like reading the blogs of other expats living here! Thanks for being brave and sharing more with all of us! 🙂

  17. Hello Constance!
    It’s nice to put a face with your blog.

    I think as a blogger it’s always a bit scary every time we hit publish.. will anyone want to read what I wrote? Will anyone care?

    I have loved reading your blog over the past few months and am excited to read and learn more about your life in Taiwan. 🙂

  18. You have a very beautiful face, Constance, and a pretty smile too. I’m glad you decided to take off your mask, but I perfectly understand where you are coming from. Sometimes I would like to be able to say things differently, but I can’t. I am not brave enough. We live in a time when “political correctness” is king.

  19. I was led to this site from Jocelyn ‘s post. Interesting self discovery… I am a former Taiwan native but living in the U.S. now. Where in Taiwan do you live?

  20. Aha! I missed this one during my time away from the blog. It’s good to show a face once in a while but the best thing is that we get to choose the best photos that show us off! I’ve got lots of photos of me which does not make it onto the blog…hehe 🙂

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