Wishing Each and Every One of you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas Ornament
One of my favorite Christmas Ornaments!

This is a very short and sweet and to the point post! Wishing each and every one of you a Merry Christmas!Β  I hope your holiday season is filled with joy, happiness, love, and laughter! Season’s Greetings all the way from Taiwan from me at ‘Foreign Sanctuary!’ Constance ~~All of the photos included in this post are of my very own Christmas decorations.~~

Festive Candle Holders!
Snow globes!
Snowman by the tree!
Yes, I did make these Banana Muffins!

36 thoughts on “Wishing Each and Every One of you a Merry Christmas!

      1. Thanks! It was low key with direct family and our little one running circles around the dinner table after a few bites before returning to inhale several pieces of Cornish hen. Regular toddler fun and giggles!

            1. Honestly, I am not really sure. I know we have never really tried the ‘fusion’ thing on purpose but there have been times when we are missing an ingredient, we will throw in a western ingredient when cooking Taiwanese cuisine or vice versa.

              Oh, and my husband makes the best buffalo wings EVER using a rice cooker!!

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