Once Guava Tree, Then Decorative Piece, Now Christmas Tree: The Tree that Keeps on Giving

Guava tree turned Decorative Piece turned Christmas Tree
Guava tree turned Decorative Piece turned Christmas Tree
Small Fruit from the Guava Tree
Small Fruit from the Guava Tree
The tree and lanterns at night 2
The tree and lanterns at night 2

From Seed to Guava Tree

The whole thing started out one evening on a whim. Yes, a random thought after dinner turned into my husband’s little project as curiosity got the better of him. We were eating guava and as we cut the seeds out of the middle, he casually wondered out loud if those guava seeds would actually grow along the fence in our backyard. And the more he thought about it, the more he wanted to try it.

So, he planted the seeds and the seeds started to grow. The guava tree started to grow real big, so big that he had to be constantly trimming the branches that sneaked across our land barrier and began to cover the road. We were super excited as it did grow some guavas this year. They were very small in size when compared to the ones sold at the local markets but the tree did bear fruit.

From Guava Tree to Decorative Piece

However, the constant cutting and trimming became tiresome. Plus, it was only going to get bigger and bigger which meant more work. And let’s not forget my husband’s other ongoing projects and the ones he has cooked up in his head.  So, after much debate back and forth, my husband decided to cut down the guava tree.

I must admit that I had no responsibility for its growth. During the entire 5 years, I think I may have watered it a couple of times. However, I felt bad because I was aware of all the time and effort my husband put into watering it on a daily basis and cutting and trimming in regularly. In all honesty, I hated the idea of throwing it away.

So, after much thought, we decided to dry it, cut off the leaves, and some of the excess branches. When it was fully dried, we used it as a decorative piece for our sunroom. Yes, it is the tree that keeps on giving!!

From Decorative Piece to Christmas Tree

And in celebration of the holiday season, we decided to deck it out with white and blue Christmas lights and tiny red, white, and silver ornaments. It is bigger than Charlie Brown’s famous tree but in some ways, it reminds me of the one featured on the regularly watched Christmas cartoon.

And who knows? It may very well become our constantly changing holiday tree.

Have you ever done anything like this? Do you have any DIY decorative pieces in your home?

~~Update~~  I guess I should have mentioned that this is not our only Christmas tree.  We have a regular one all decorated in the living room as well.  As many of you already know, I love Christmas!!!

Close-up of the tree during the day
Close-up of the tree during the day
The tree during the day
The tree during the day
The tree at night (before the lanterns)
The tree at night
he tree and lanterns at night 1
The tree and lanterns at night 1
Guava Christmas tree
Guava Christmas tree

24 thoughts on “Once Guava Tree, Then Decorative Piece, Now Christmas Tree: The Tree that Keeps on Giving

  1. It is a great idea! And it looks very nice!

    A couple of days ago I told my bf we could make DIY cardboard drawers for our new wardrobe as the drawers sold in Ikea are too expensive, but he dimissed the idea saying that he would look for cheap ones on taobao. Well if he can’t find them I will suggest it again 😀

  2. Oh, wow, I would not have expected guavas to go grow so well, nor that you could recycle a dead tree into an ornamental piece, good things to know, hehe.
    And Merry Christmas! 🙂

      1. When we lived in Taichung we had an artificial tree that was about 30 cm high and lit with little lights. You pugged it in and had a small tree. It also retotated.The day was wonderful with many family members present, including our 5 year old granddaughter. I hope your’s was as well.

  3. I wouldn’t have thought to decorate a guava tree — but it works! Oh so lovely and special-looking! Season’s Greetings! Best wishes,
    ~ Dolce

    1. I love our sunroom as well – it is the perfect retreat/oasis! I always wanted a sunroom and when we found out that it can withstand typhoons and earthquakes, we decided to have it built. It even prettier during the day when there are lots of clouds hovering above. The birdcage lanterns were purchased at Ikea.

  4. That is beautiful! Is there any particular trick to drying the branches? 🙂
    I generally have little or no success with plants, but my current excuse is that I don’t have a good window sill or a garden, so maybe it’ll change once we move. ^^ I usually buy a plum tree and plum blossoms are my favorite, but so far they only last a few months. 2015 will be the year it survives!!

    1. There are no tricks. We just left it out in the yard and let it dry.

      I don’t have much of a green thumb either. However, I usually help my husband if it is a big job, like when we sodded our back yard. I remember once my husband went on a business trip and asked me to water the trees. I totally forgot. However, there was a typhoon which gave me an excuse for not watering them and gave them enough water to survive the week.

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