Temple Rooftops in Lugang, Taiwan

Temple Rooftop at Wenwu Temple, Lugang
Temple Rooftop at Wenwu Temple, Lugang

Matzu Temple, Lugang

I recently spent an entire Saturday wandering around the many temples located in Lugang (also spelled Lukang), Taiwan. My visit to Lugang reignited my love for photographing temples, especially temple rooftops.

Lukang is one of the oldest towns in Taiwan and is a very popular destination on weekends as many Taiwanese travel to the town to enjoy local food and visit some of Taiwan’s oldest temples.  However, if you stick around for a while, the crowds start to dwindle by the early evening.

Here is a collection of my favorite photos taken that day (and night).   (More posts about specific temple will be posted in the future.)

Wenwu Temple, Lugang
Wenwu Temple, Lugang
Temple Rooftop Decor
Wenwu Temple, Lugang
Dragon at an Older Temple
Taken at a temple located on the Old St, Lugang
Dragon & Lanterns
Dragon and Lanterns – Lugang
Dragon & Elephant
A Dragon and an Elephant – Lugang (taken at a smaller temple in the town)
Dragon Close-up at a smaller temple in Lugang
Dragon Close-up at a smaller temple in Lugang

 Which is your favorite photo? And what are some things that you like to photograph?  Drop me a line or two in the comment box below!  I would love to hear from you!!

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49 thoughts on “Temple Rooftops in Lugang, Taiwan

  1. So colorful and elaborate! I think I like the dragon from the Old st temple, but they’re all beautiful. Looking forward to reading about specific temples. 🙂

  2. My favourite is the one with the dragon and the red lanterns!

    When I went to Taiwan I was amazed at the temple roofs, they are so elaborate! Very different to the ones in China, which are way simpler and often without any kind of decoration.

  3. These temples’ photos are very nice and bring me back to our time in Taiwan and Asia too. I remember at some point we had seen so many temples that we were “templed-out”. I guess that might happen everywhere, in Europe we might eventually get “churched-out”, ehhehe! Anyway, back to your photos, I love a lot the silhouette of the rooftop at Wenwu Temple, Lugang.

    1. That was is definitely special – taken in the perfect light and at the perfect time of day.

      I understand what you mean about being ‘templed out.’ I think I felt like that after spending a month in Thailand. Also, when I first arrived in Taiwan, I used to love going to temples but then they became nothing special. But I think the temples in Lugang are older, showing their age, and that adds character when photographing.

      Thanks for dropping by, Franca!

  4. Excellent work on the photos, Constance. You definitely brought out the bright vivid colours in the temples, the dragons are so eye catching. My favourite has to be the fifth one. I might be a bit biased here as I love colour in my photos – they represent life and energy 🙂

      1. Hahaha, totally agreed. I have so many shots of the same thing, my family like to tease me about it cos they are too impatient to wait for me when we are out together…haha..😄

  5. My husband and I had the opportunity to visit China a few years back and I loved the rooftops as well. I have many photos! I loved your photo of the dragons and lanterns. Just beautiful!

  6. I’ve heard of some renovated temple, in Lugang I think, where the restrooms are apparently worth the visit (yes, I’m serious!), any idea which one it is?

    1. I think you are talking about a temple in Nantou. I have never been there but my husband has cycled to the area with his buddies. Apparently the bathroom has a waterfall or something. I didn’t use the bathrooms at the temples in Lugang (I opted to find cleaner ones at convenience stores) but my husband said they were nothing to write home about.

  7. I think the roof and lines created are the most interesting feature of temples. It’s really tough to get a good photo though. Well done! Do you use a zoom? I love temples on hillsides – those help me get closer to the astounding woodwork!

      1. I thought so! That’s one thing we miss with the current lens on our DSLR. We thought about buying a telephoto lens as part of a package but decided to wait. I’m glad we did. Once we’re comfortable with what we’ve got, we’ll look at another lens. What did you get? We looked at a Tamron.

  8. Interesting perspective, I have never really thought much about the rooftops! I always liked looking at the differences between temples in different countries like Thailand vs Indo vs Laos.. Its a pretty interesting way to look at it!

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