My First Guest Post (Written by My Husband): How My Wife Danced into My Life

LOVE – using pieces of coral we found on the beach during our trip to Penghu!

My First Guest Post

I have been asking and encouraging my husband to write a guest post for my blog for quite some time now. He is a very happy and positive person who has many stories to share and tell. And last night, out of the blue, he sat down and surprised me by writing this guest post!! I hope this is not an isolated incident and he will continue to share his stories on my blog from time to time!! So, here it is!!

How I Met My Wife!

My wife has been asking me to write a guest post for a while now and as she says “Every time she asked, I always said no.”

She said, in a sad tone, that she has asked me lots of times already and I always responded “NO”. Then I played dumb and said “Really? You asked me to write a guest post before?!”

Since I have a bad memory (wink, wink), I really cannot remember if she asked me or not.

To be honest, I don’t like to write at all, not even in Chinese. First of all, my native language is Taiwanese, Chinese is second, and then English.

Since she is interested in blogging, I will write one for my one and only love. Please forgive me if my English is not perfect. Believe it or not, my writing in Chinese is really bad too. I never got good grades in Chinese when I was in school. (I am better at science and that’s why I’m an engineer.)

For those people, who are wondering how we met each other. The answer is we met at a night club and we were dancing face to face, having a great time. When the rock song was over, we all went back to our own tables. Since I was so fascinated with her beautiful blue eyes and her beautiful smile, I approached her and asked her for her phone number and I got “NO” as an answer from her.

How disappointed I was! 😦

I didn’t give up right away. I played a little trick and I got her phone number after all. Ya! 🙂 Kudos to me for being so positive about it and not giving up right away. I still tease her about the whole situation someimes and ask her why she didn’t want to give me her phone number right away or fall in love with me right away. Ha Ha Ha!

The romance all began on that rocking, dancing night.

Note: She may put the little trick I did in her book, so I’m not going to reveal what happened. Sorry about that.


44 thoughts on “My First Guest Post (Written by My Husband): How My Wife Danced into My Life

  1. wow, I’m really impressed… ’cause Taiwanese men are kinda reserved and discreet… but LOVE can and does everything! 🙂 so continue to rule and rock, guys! 🙂 P.S. My French hubby is a rocket and satellite scientist, he does read my blog, but I’ve never asked him to for a guest post… well, it’s not too late! 🙂

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Melanie! I agree that most Taiwanese guys are reserved but the younger generation seems to be more open to expressing and showing their feelings (to a certain extent)! However, maybe it is easier for my husband to express himself in English as it is not his native language (I have heard that before as well)!

  2. About time 🙂
    It tis again one of these situations where you might think what would have happened if your husband had just given up after the ‘no’ !
    Wonder when I get around to write how I met my wife / when she gets around to write about it …

  3. cute 🙂 That’s how me and my husband got together too! at a dance floor at some bar! I think the sky will fall on our heads before I can get him to write a post on our blog…but who knows, maybe if I persevere, it might happen 🙂

  4. Woo, nice one! 😀 What made you say no to him in the first place… or rather, what made you say yes later? ^^ Will we see it in a post, or must we wait for the book? 😉

    Very sweet post by your husbandーhope there’ll be more!

  5. That’s lovely! Well done for not giving up in wanting her phone number, it worked very well for the both of you 😉

    1. Actually, my husband seems to have been bitten by the blogging bug and has written another post which was published yesterday. It may become a regular thing as he sometimes refers to Foreign Sanctuary as ‘our blog’ now. 🙂

      How’s the preparation for Penang going? I know a couple of bloggers that I follow have recently been there so whenever they publish posts, I will send along the link to you.

      1. Ha. I think Diane is still too busy working to be involved in the blog but that will change soon i hope

        Preperatuon for Penang starts for real in January as we start getting the house ready for sale and begin sending paperwork for MM2H. First it’s last cold xmas in Canada one last time with diane’s family

        Thanks for sending me the post links and thanja for checking in with us !!

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