The Cool Breeze of Autumn

Fall in Canada 3
A beautiful Rocky Mountains view (near Banff)


Wildlife - Rocky Mountains
Wildlife – Rocky Mountains

I love fall.  I love the season so much that I wrote a post entirely dedicated to the subject last year and I am writing another one this year.

I love the cool weather, the vibrant colors, and the holidays associated with autumn.  I love the feelings the season conjures up inside as well as the fond childhood memories of Thanksgiving and Halloween.

However, what I love the most is fall in Canada. I fondly recall the first day of my last fall trip to Canada.

Jet-jagged and maybe a tad bit excited, my husband and I were up at the crack of dawn.  We stepped outside and we could sense the season of fall in the air.  The temperature was cool and the air was crisp and fresh.  There was a still silence in the morning.  And as we walked along the harbor front in Vancouver, we couldn’t help but appreciate the beauty of that fall morning.  It was picture perfect and it was the perfect way to spend our first few hours in Canada.

We bid good-bye to the beauty of Vancouver and we were soon surrounded but the amazing landscape of the Rocky Mountains.  The trees were changing colors, the morning sunsets had a red glow, and the bright blue skies added another dimension to the autumn scenery.

But during our time in the Rockies, it felt like Mother Nature got confused.  Brown, yellow, and orange trees decorated the landscape but there were moments when the white powdery stuff fell and painted the trees white, even if it was just for a little while.  And then there were those select moments of pelting freezing rain while the sun still peeked out and made its presence.

They made a beautiful set of autumn memories.

And I really miss it.  I have never experience such fall beauty in Taiwan.  Taiwan does experience a subtle changing of the season but it is not as dramatic and substantial as Canada.

But right now, as I write this blog post in the comforts of my backyard in Taiwan, I cannot help but enjoy the cool breeze of autumn.  It is good to be able to get outside and be surrounded by trees and nature.

And I realize that maybe I can learn to love fall in Taiwan just as much as well, especially the cool  breeze.

What about you?  What do you like the most about fall?

~~The first seven photos that appear in this post were taken during our last autumn trip to Canada.  And the last picture was taken during a late Sunday afternoon writing session in my backyard.~~

Snow fall in Autumn
Snow fall in Autumn
Fall Colors - Rocky Mountains
Fall Colors – Rocky Mountains
Fall in Canada 2
Being jet-lagged isn’t that bad when you are awake at the crack of dawn for views like this – Rocky Mountains (near Banff)
Morning Sky in Fall
Morning Sky in Fall
Fall in Canda 1
My First Day Back in Canada – Vancouver, B.C.



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24 thoughts on “The Cool Breeze of Autumn

  1. Beautiful photos!
    I have come to love Fall and all that it entails… In Sweden I would first mourn the loss of Summer, but there are usually a few weeks of lovely cool breezes and clear airーmaybe similar to Canada. As for Japan… I like the *idea* of Fall here. The famous red maple leaves are stunning, but the weather is volatile. (We have *another* typhoon incoming now, due tonight/tomorrow!)

      1. I’m hoping to get out and about after next weekーfingers crossed I can make it out of the city… Or at least to a more colorful area of it. ^^
        Have you been to Japan at all?
        I’ve wanted to go to Taiwan for a long timeーespecially since it’s so close, but haven’t made it over yet. (Perhaps for the very reason it is so close? I feel like I’ve not done any domestic travel in forever either…)

  2. I’m with you Constance, I love autumn a lot too and for many reasons: its stunning colours, the smell of roasted chestnuts in the air, the little breeze that totally makes me feel it’s not summer anymore, walking on the crunchy dead leaves.. No matter where I am I always enjoy this season. I’d never forget autumn in Japan though, that really was something spectacular 🙂

    1. Yes, they were!! Actually, most of them were taken in Banff, Icefields Parkway, and Jasper. We were lucky enough to capture some awesome wildlife photos just outside of Jasper – it is amazing what the power of a zoom lens can capture. I hope to post some photo essays of our week in the Rockies!

      1. Ooops! I meant the Bow Valley Parkway, but I figured you knew what I meant. 😀 Yes! Jasper is great for wildlife. Have you driven the David Thompson Hwy? It’s gorgeous and also a great stretch, at least just past the park, where I’ve seen wildlife up close. Yes! Zoom lenses are wonderful. We need to get one eventually for our DSLR. I’m looking forward to your photo essay. 🙂

  3. These photos are gorgeous!
    Growing up in Florida we didn’t have a “traditional” fall, but October always makes me feel like there should be a chill in the air… or at least not be 90° anymore. I love pumpkin though, pumpkin is fall to me. So even though it’s spring in Australia I keep making pumpkin dishes because it seems like the right thing to do this time of year.

    1. It must be very different living in Australia and experiencing the seasons at different times than in the States. The way you describe fall in Florida is the same way I would describe fall in Taiwan – there is a chill in the air and a cool breeze! And the thing the reminds me of fall in Taiwan is the Halloween décor that has been popping up at several department stores lately. Taiwan doesn’t celebrate it but some shopping centers take full advantage and decorate for it – it is kind of nice actually.

  4. Beautiful photos of fall in such gorgeous places 🙂 I just experienced great wall china in fall colours which I had never pictured doing. Was interesting seeing the rugged landscape in red oranhe and yellow! The cool breeze there definitely helped with the long hike. Would love to experience fall in cana day too as love new England fall so much!

    1. Thanks so much! You would love fall in Canada – it is so beautiful and picturesque. I bet roaming around the Great Wall in fall was an amazing experience – the autumn foliage and the landscape surrounding the Great Wall must have made for some great photo opportunities!

      1. Great Wall in fall was amazing, but to be honest, it’s more barren with touches of red and orange…having experienced fall in New England, Vermont especially! and even parts of UK, I must say colours are more rich and vivid in this part of the world..or maybe I went too late after most of the leaves had already fallen? Nonetheless it was an amazing experience 🙂

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