Thinking Out Loud: October Goals


Thinking Out Loud

As September winds down, draws to a close, and becomes a distant memory, October appears on the horizon and brings with it a sense of hope and a time to accomplish great things.

September was a great month. I got back in the ‘blogging’ swing of things and started to re-brand my blog by making it more about my photos and more about what I personally want to share and blog about. And in October, I want to continue with the same vibe!

October signals the beginning of autumn, cooler temps, and a fresh start and because of this, I thought I would try something new – to create a list of goals I would like to achieve this month. Let’s see how it goes!!

October Goals:

~ blog 3 times a week

~ write 5000 words (about my life as an expat – something that I have been working on and off for a long time)

~ exercise daily

~ do something adventurous, try something different, or experience something new every week

~ begin ‘Been There, Done That, Took a Picture’ – my 365 daily photo project (something that I have started and stopped so many times)

~ be grateful for the present, the ‘now’

Things to Look Forward to in October:

~ Canadian Thanksgiving

~ Double Ten National Holiday (10/10)

~ Taichung Jazz Festival

~ Halloween

What are you goals for October?

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38 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: October Goals

    1. Away for 1/2 the month? Lucky you!! Have a great time traveling!! I hope your trip to Seoul doesn’t consist of too many stairs!!

      I love to think out loud…I figured that if I posted my goals, they would be more official!! 😉

      Happy October!!

  1. Looking forward to reading about the Canadian Thanksgiving in Taiwan! 🙂
    As for me, I’ll be happy if I can get myself to blog twice a week, haha.

  2. Nice goals! I’m with you on the exercising every day one! Hoping to still have time (and material) to blog twice a week. And start the book that I’ve been putting off 😉

  3. Those are a good set of goals. I especially like the fourth one: “do something adventurous, try something different, or experience something new every week.”

  4. A 365 daily photo project sounds cool! I’ve been meaning to try a “take a photo everyday for a month” thing for about a year…I’m really bad at continuity. My October goals are: revamp my layout a bit, finally choose a blog name I can stick with for more than a few months, and work on finding some kind of employment that won’t drive me crazy! Sounds like fun, right?

    1. Wow! There are a lot of big goals are your list!! Good luck finding the perfect job – I am glad to hear that your are picking a job that suits you!! And I hear you about the blog name – it took me over two months to pick the two perfect words.

      The 365 day project is off to a great start – I just hope will be this excited about doing it in 5 or 6 months!!

      Have a great October!!

  5. Stopping by from The Nectar Collective! Those are some really great goals! Good luck with all of them. A 365 day photo project sounds intense but awesome!

  6. hopping over from WW. 🙂 best of luck on all your goals for october! we’re always looking to do more adventurous things also! i can’t quite get the hang of exercising daily.. but it’s something i would love to do.. one day!

  7. This is a really great idea (for monthly goals). I totally need to try that. I guess it’s the end of October now (hopefully you met all your goals!!), so good luck fo rnext month?

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