Evening Stillness in Meinong, Taiwan

Evening Stillness in Meinong

The calmness of the lake provides the perfect mirrored reflection of the walkway and pavillon.

This picture was taken on a beautiful evening in Meinong, Taiwan – the topic of the next travel post that I am working on which will be published in the next few days.

For me, personally,  I love to slow town feel of the place and roaming around the many banana plantations in the area.


10 thoughts on “Evening Stillness in Meinong, Taiwan

  1. Pretty! I like the branches framing the left corner. I didn’t think much about framing until seeing a WP weekly photo challenge on the subject. I used to crop this sort of thing out but I’m starting to see now how it can work.

  2. This is a great shot, and what a reflection you captured in the lake. Well done. It’s amazing how many banana plantations there are in Asia. But it makes sense since bananas grow well in the tropics. I love eating bananas, and I love those tiny bananas you can find in Malaysia 😀

    1. Thanks! It was so calm that evening that there wasn’t even a ripple in the water. Meinong is known for its banana plantations but I have to admit I don’t like bananas – I like the taste, but not the texture. Meinong also grows those tiny bananas as well – my husband claims they taste sweeter.

      1. You don’t like bananas! And they are quite cheap in Asia too… Your husband is right – the tiny banana do taste much sweeter, and also stronger in flavour compared to the larger ones. That is okay you don’t like bananas. I can always have your share of bananas if I visit you 🙂

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