The Eyes of a Warrior – Temple Celebration in Lugang (鹿港), Taiwan ( 台灣)

temple celebration - Lugang, Taiwan The man, pictured in this photo wearing warrior make-up, was part of a temple celebration in Lugang (often spelled Lukang), Taiwan. This particular Matzu temple (天后宮) is the oldest of its kind in Taiwan and hosts several elaborate celebrations throughout the year.  The photo was captured during one of the first temple celebrations I ever witnessed in Taiwan. Also, it is a candid shot, taken during the warrior’s routine and therefore, shows the true authenticity of the temple celebration. Personally, I really love the carefully applied warrior makeup and the decorative detail of the head piece displayed in this photo.

I have witness several temple celebrations in Taiwan and accidentally participated in one once, but this picture is what I consider one of my best ever temple event shots.

Have you ever taken a picture that always comes to mind when you think of something?

Wanna know more about the sights of Lugang?  Check out Lugang’s Glass Temple and Glass Artists at Work as well as Lugang’s Glass Gallery.


17 thoughts on “The Eyes of a Warrior – Temple Celebration in Lugang (鹿港), Taiwan ( 台灣)

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Jocelyn. It was being at the right place at the right time. I hope you can visit Taiwan soon, too!!

      BTW, congrats on getting published by The Huffington Post!! Your post presented some very great ideas that I can relate to. It was so inspirational that I wrote a post this weekend about my personal experiences based on the topic discussed. I will let you know when I publish it on my blog!

  1. It is a nice shot Constance, brava! I like the incredibly well done make-up the warrior is wearing, so detailed, symmetrical and carefully balanced 🙂

  2. Great photo!
    I’m always taking photos of random stuff that I may or may not use in a blog post some day 🙂 In Latvia, there were a lot of toilet and dog poo shots 😉

  3. I’m surprised how focused it is considering it is candid! I always have such a hard time trying to get a focused picture of moving objects (be they people or things). And I actually think their make-up is really scary…

  4. we were in Lukang Sunday, November 23 and they were having a huge celebration which included several warriors like your picture and a whole lot more. I had wanted to video tape it but my camera wasn’t working although my husband got a lot of great pictures. Apparently, it was related to the upcoming election. Does anyone have any videos? Here is a link to my husband’s journal for that day. We are traveling by bicycle around Taiwan.

    1. Thanks for dropping by! I am glad you got to see a temple event in Lugang. I just love visiting the place as it is rich in history and has many events that you probably won’t see in other towns around the island. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have a video but maybe you can search on youtube. Enjoy the rest of your time cycling the island!!

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