Vibrant Sunflower & Busy Bee in Taiwan


Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to capture (what you consider to be) ‘the perfect shot’ and this is the prime example.  Even though this picture was taken on a beautiful sunny day in Taiwan with perfect natural lighting, other factors made this photo rather difficult to capture.  However, persistence was the key and I feel the end result was worth the effort!

Do you ever try over and over to get the perfect shot?


18 thoughts on “Vibrant Sunflower & Busy Bee in Taiwan

  1. It’s absolutely perfect! If I were standing on top of it, the sunflower wouldn’t look as real as this.

    Although I’m a persistent person in many ways, I’m such a beginner in the field of photography that I can’t say I’ve been persistent in getting the perfect shot. I’ll have to try much harder to capture something like this.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Nicki! I have to admit that the wind made this photo rather difficult to capture and the bee was not very cooperative either. Keep trying and I am sure your will be a pro in no time – practice is the key!!

      BTW, I really enjoyed reading the guest post you did with ‘Speaking with China’ that was posted today!!

  2. This is really such a great shot. The yellow bee buzzing around just goes so well with the yellow sunflower. Lots of clarity in this shot from the petals to the green leaves peeking from behind the flower. Well done 🙂

    I always, always take multiple shots of anything I photograph. One photo is never enough. I take multiple photos from different angles and using different zoom settings. I’m one of those annoying people who stop in the middle of the street for five minutes in the same spot to take a photo, and block everyone’s way 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Mabel! And I completely am in agreement with one picture is never enough. My husband always says ‘You said one more picture 20 pictures ago!’

      I remember the last time we went to Canada. We did an 8 hour hike and before the hike even started, my husband said it would take us 10 hours – not because we are slow, but because we would took so many pictures! And his prediction was right!! 🙂 But, we got some awesome shots! 🙂

      1. Hahaha! Your husband is a very patient man. You are very lucky to have him 🙂 It’s not just about putting something in a frame when you take photos. You also have to think about the angle to shoot from, how close or far away to shoot the object, the camera settings, things getting in the way of the shot, waiting for the right moment – all on the spot and in the spur of the moment. It all adds up and takes time. A longer hike? At least you got more time to spend with nature 🙂

  3. It’s a great shot, Constance! I carry my camera (i.e. my phone) everywhere with me, so I understand the point on sitting/standing at a spot for several minutes at a time just to get that perfect shot. This is easier with people-watching, but I find it much harder with nature, especially revolving bees/butterflies on flowers.

    P.s. sunflowers scare me! =\ Random, I know.

    1. Sunflowers are one my favorite flowers, but I am weary about roaming around fields of sunflowers – you never know what is lurking around the ground!!

      I am happy to hear that I am not the only one in pursuit of the perfect shot!! I think the pictures on your blog are amazing and your effort shows.

  4. Lovely photo! Yes and no, to your question. As I get used to our camera, I don’t have to take as many pics and software helps but not always. I get a special satisfaction when I don’t feel like I need to fix anything! That’s very rare though and like someone else said, I usually take more than one photo.

    1. I have to admit that I rarely edit my photos as I am not that computer savvy. Usually with my photos, what I take is what I post. I love sharing raw, unaltered, natural photos!

      Personally, I believe that practice makes perfect and sometimes the right angle and the perfect light leads to the perfect natural picture.

      BTW, loved the picture you posted of the cherry blossoms you posted recently!! Loved the angle!! I can’t wait to explore more of your posts!

  5. I constantly try over and over to get the perfect shot – sometimes what my vision is for it just isn’t possible. Other times I get it! 🙂

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