Newly Planted Rice Fields in Taiwan

I love exploring Taiwan at sunset – especially when you can enjoy views like this!



28 thoughts on “Newly Planted Rice Fields in Taiwan

  1. This picture is really great. I always have problems taking pictures in China during that time of the day as it turns dark tooo fast. In Finland during early summer/ late summer (during mid summer it doesnt get dark…) I usually have 3-4 hours of this great sunlight

  2. When we lived in the Philippines, I was amazed at how fresh and green fields of young rice plants are. You’ve captured another beautiful sight.

        1. People farm the land they have available. The fields range from very small to as far as the eye can see. I personally love the fields when they are just planted. How about in Japan? Are there many rice fields?

          1. There are rice fields almost everywhere. Around where hubby is from, field sizes are set by the government. Rice is strictly controlled. Interestingly, rice fields are being repurposed with solar panels in some areas as a different power source due to the 2011 tsunami.

            1. In Taiwan, farmers own the land that they farm and in some situations, I have heard of farmers ‘renting’ unused farm land to grow their crops!

              It is very interesting how they are using farms to set up solar panels – I guess clean energy is the way of the future.

            2. My husband’s family has been leasing their rice field land for years. Some of hubby’s relatives still keep things going but it’s a lot of work. Hubby has some fun stories of helping out growing up. Oooo! That would be a nice blog post.
              Yes! I was pretty surprised to see these little solar panels on short poles in rice fields around hubby’s family home. It took some getting used to. If I remember right, there were incentives from the government, the money is good and of course, it’s a lot less work to grow electricity.

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