Through the Camera Lens – My Photos Published in a Magazine!

A photo of the photos that were published (sorry about the glare from the early morning sun)

Let me start from the beginning – the very beginning!   As most of you may already know from reading my blog, I have a passion for photography. I love photographing people, nature, landscapes, and objects. I have worked on my photography skills – close-up, composure, depth, angles, lighting – you name it.  I have worked on it all and tried to perfect it.  It is a continuous, on-going process.


Cloud Swept Mountain, Setting Sun – Alishan, Taiwan

My friends and family have always told me that I have a skill – I can take an object, a person, or a place, and bring it to life in a single image. They tell me that I bring out the best in something or someone through my technique. They say I have the ability to capture feelings and emotions.  Photography is something I love to do and I love sharing what I see through the lens with others. 

temple celebration - Lugang, Taiwan


New Year’s Eve at E-Da – Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Whenever my husband and I go hiking, attend an event, or explore somewhere new, unique, and/or different, he always adds two hours to the recommended time required. For example, we went hiking in the Rockies a couple of years ago and the entire hike took us ten hours while the recommended time for completion was seven to eight hours. Are we slow hikers? No! Was the hike too demanding? No! Did we stop, smell the roses, and take too many pictures? And the answer to the question would be big, fat ‘YES’!!


Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

See, my husband and I share the same passion for photography. We love documenting our travels. We enjoy comparing photos. We love educating each other about how to take the better photo and how to capture the perfect image! We are by no means professionals – we just constantly practice and try to improve.  However, my husband jokingly takes full credit for my photography skills with his catch phase ‘I taught you well.’


Taiwan Lantern Festival

So you can imagine the excitement I felt last fall when I opened and read a direct message left on my ‘Foreign Sanctuary’ page . It was someone stating their interest in using a few of my photos in a trade magazine publication. And not just any magazine! This magazine would be distributed at trade shows all over the world. And not just anyone’s pictures – my pictures – photos that were taken by ME!


The Steps Leading to the Perfect View – Hehuanshan, Taiwan

And when the magazine arrived not too long ago, I turned to page 29 and gazed at my photos and my name under them. There is something very validating and rewarding about that first glace. It was a beautiful, surreal moment! 


Qing Shui Cliff, Eastern Taiwan

And I owed it all to my ‘Foreign Sanctuary’!!

(The photos were taken in Taiwan plus they found my pictures because of my blog!!)


Flower Close-Up


Changing of the Guards – Taipei


Taipei 101


56 thoughts on “Through the Camera Lens – My Photos Published in a Magazine!

  1. That’s very exciting, Constance. You deserve to be recognized. It’s good your husband also likes photography. My sister is a photographer, and if I don’t bring a camera along on an outing, it’s exceedingly tedious to stand around and wait for her.

  2. That’s brilliant, congratulations! Your photos are gorgeous and it’s very well deserved. Hope this is just the start for you…I will be watching out for you! 🙂

  3. Kudos to you Constance for getting your pictures published in a magazine and it is richly deserved because you continue to produce top quality images. Hopefully this will be the start of you going on to bigger and better things with more travel magazines becoming interested in your work! Keep up the awesome work! Congratulations.

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