Bloom, Pretty Bloom, Bloom! – Spring in Taiwan (A PhotoBlog)


When I was running errands a couple of weeks ago and commuting to and from work, I couldn’t help but notice all the beautiful flowers blooming around town. Spring is in the air! The weather is warm! And the spring colors are just beautiful!! So I couldn’t resist taking the time to enjoy the last Saturday in March basking in the sun and immersing myself with the beauty of the flowers around town. Here are a few snaps of these perfect floral beauties blooming that made my day a little brighter and beautiful.ย 

Hope you enjoy and be sure to leave me a little note at the bottom to let me know which one is your favorite!!











9 Months Blogging today!!

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54 thoughts on “Bloom, Pretty Bloom, Bloom! – Spring in Taiwan (A PhotoBlog)

  1. I don’t know what it’s called, but the 2nd and 3rd picture (which I think are from the same tree) are my favorites. It’s not a showy tree, but your photo brought out the best in it–the pale blue-green double-round leaves with dew drops and the fragile pink orchid-like flower.

  2. Spring, finally!! It’s been a long winter where I’m from… My favorite is definitely the very first one, the lotus flower.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love spring flowers and I’m glad you are finally experiencing spring in Taiwan. We were graced by gorgeous spring weather here last week, only to be doused with more snow yesterday. Can you guess where I live? :p

    Hint: CN Tower is the go-to attraction in the city.

  4. Looks like you picked a perfect time to photograph the Taiwanese blooming season! Just as with most places around the world, Spring is a great time to capture the vivid colors and expressive nature shots. Great job Constance!

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