10 Reasons Why I Love Attending the Taiwan Lantern Festival


(Video: 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival)

Although this year’s Lantern Festival has come and gone, I thought I would share with you some of the reasons as to why I keep going back year after year. So, without further ado, the top ten reasons why I love attending the Taiwan Lantern Festival!


~1~ It’s Free

Attending the festival won’t cost you a thing! Now you can get much better than that!!

~2~ The Main Lantern & Main Lantern Lighting Show

Aimed to impress, the main lantern and lighting show definitely has a wow factor. Laser lights beam from all angles as the Chinese Zodiac ‘animal of the year’ turns and changes color. And if that is not enough, the vast size of the main lantern is for sure to capture your attention.


~3~ Fireworks Display

A free fireworks show serves as a perfect backdrop for the main lantern. How awesome is that!

~4~ Entrance Gates

Combinations of small, circular lanterns are carefully placed to form shapes of fruit and Chinese characters. They are a real eye-opener! Talk about making a grand ‘entrance’!!


~5~ Mingling With the Locals

It is an opportunity to mingle with the locals and enjoy something that is near and dear to their heart. Be prepared to hear ‘Hao Ke Ai’ (meaning ‘How Cute!’) several times during your visit! 

~6~ Organization & Convenience

A lot of time, effort, and organization is put into ensuring the festival runs smoothly. Parking lots are constructed and shuttle buses are offered. Also, the festival is divided into sections, making it easy for festival goers to explore. Plus, it is spacious and enjoyable for viewing.


~7~ Location

The location changes from year to year allowing attendees an opportunity to explore another area of this amazing island.

~8~ History, Culture, and Tradition

Experience first-hand a custom of Taiwan.  Plus, the structures made out of water bottles, toothpicks, metal, among other materials will for sure to leave anyone in awe.


~9~ Take in a Performance or Two

There is a line-up of shows occurring every evening during the festival, featuring a combination of local performers as well as hired entertainers from other countries.

~10~ The Vast SIZE!!

The vast size means that there is something for everyone! The festival stretches over three to four kilometers so there is something new and exciting to see with every step. Word of advice: be prepared for the crowds (even on weekdays) and to walk a lot (so wear comfortable shoes.)


However, a festival of this size has a downside as well. I presented the good side, but if you want to read up on ‘the bad and the ugly’ side, check out this article, written by Todd, a fellow expat.


I have a lot of posts in the works now so keep watching this space! Plus I am working on an entry explaining what I have been working on the past few months (you know the ‘something quite amazing’) so please stay tuned!! 

[And for more lantern festival pictures, check out this post!]

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10 Reasons to Attend the Taiwan Lantern Festival
10 Reasons to Attend the Taiwan Lantern Festival


37 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Love Attending the Taiwan Lantern Festival

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this post. Beautiful photos. I especially like the fruity lanterns–the pineapple and what I assume to be watermelons. It must be impressive to see it in person.

  2. The colors are simply stunning! So many creative lanterns, I wish I saw this festival myself. It’s difficult to say, but my favorite are probably the lanterns that look like fruit, not over complicated but so incredibly nice! Thanks Constance for sharing! 🙂

  3. Lovely photos! The Lantern Festival in Taipei is indeed a sight to behold — I was so impressed all those years ago when I attended.

    BTW, you are just keeping us all hanging about your big project you’ve been working on…don’t tease us too long!

    1. Yes, I have attended them in Taipei as well but it is a smaller scale towards the national lantern festival. Which year did you go there?

      I am working on a blog to explain it all soon!! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Todd!! We went there on a weekday and it was really crowded! I have to say that it is a beautiful area but I am sure we didn’t get to appreciate the true beauty of the place with the amount of people there.

      And my husband feels the same as you do but unfortunately I drag him there every year. 🙂

  4. Oh man these photos are awesome! The lanterns are so beautiful hey. I wen to my first one in Australia and loved it. We actually had our first ever lantern festival in my hometown today. I love the!

  5. You do not even have to write reasons. The photos do all the talking and writing. What a wonderful festival. Then, it is free! Wow! I would love to go.

  6. So beautiful! I’ve always wanted to attend a lantern festival, but funnily enough am never in the right country at the right time. I love your photos though! I’m sure it’s even better in person! I also love that it’s free (who doesn’t?) 🙂

  7. So, so pretty! We don’t have a lantern festival here in Florida but we do have an annual Lights in Bloom at Marie Selby (the nearby Botanical Garden) every December. The displays are always different and enchanting.

    I can just imagine how much more impressive the Lantern Festival is. Would love to see it!

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