Painting the Town Red: Chinese New Year Decorations (A PhotoBlog)

(A Video)

This has been an awesome week so far!  After much research and debate, I finally selected which camera to I wanted to purchase!!  In order to test it out and become familiar with its functions, I decided to photograph Chinese New Year décor which is popping up all over the city.  I have to admit it was a fun adventure and I am very pleased with some of the shots!!  I have also included some photos from previous years which have been clearly labelled as such!!

What can I say!!  I love Chinese New Year and all the red and gold that goes along with it.  I love the sense of anticipation leading up to the holidays.  I love how kids’ eyes light up at the thought of ‘lucky money’ in red envelopes.  I love how the older generations anxiously await for their family members to return from afar.  I love how the entire days leading up to this big, major celebration that can be seen and felt in the markets, streets, and homes all over Taiwan.   I love how the Chinese New Year’s Eve Feast Menu is created.  And most of all, I love getting a week off of work!!

And with all that being said……

Are you up for a photo journey of painting the town red (and gold)? Yes!!  Awesome!!  Then, let’s get it started!!

Lunar New Year Displays!
Little Red Lantern (taken 2013)
Beautiful Red Décor for Lunar New Year (taken 2013)
Spring Couplets around a Traditional Door (taken 2013)
Gold!! (taken 2013)
‘Spring’ Character ornament!
Red Envelopes!
Little Red Lanterns
Chinese New Year Display – Year of the Horse
Red Lanterns hanging at a Department Store
Lantern Shadows!
Lunar New Year Display outside of Taiwan Department Store
Fountain Show & Chinese New Year Décor
Taipei 101 Shopping Mall Décor (taken 2013)
Chinese New Year Costume!
Lunar New Year Fireworks Display!
Lanterns at Dusk!
Tree Doing Double Duty – Chinese New Year Ornaments
Close of the ‘Chinese New Year Tree’!

Which photo is your favorite?  Have you ever celebrated Chinese New Year? If so, share your stories and experiences below.

Lunar New Year is just a few days away!! 

~~My 50th Blog Post~~


14 thoughts on “Painting the Town Red: Chinese New Year Decorations (A PhotoBlog)

  1. Those pictures are beautiful! I can’t believe I am missing Chinese New Year this time. I have been celebrating CNY every year since I met my husband (and even before I met him and stayed in China alone). I have usually spent the celebration at my in-laws in rural China. It is totally different from the frestivities I experienced in Shanghai years ago. But they all have one thing in common: Red, red, red, and firecrackers. You can’t compare CNY to our Christmas, even though it also is a family gathering. CNY is loud, and full of excitement. I always turn into a little girl.

    Where I used to live they literally celebrated for two weeks. Feasts every day (and firecrackers to wake you up, if you accidently fell asleep before lunch or dinner haha). I really enjoy your photos. They give me the feeling of being in China during the festivities even though, this year I am not.

    Thank you for sharing

  2. Lovely photos Constance! I’m also an expat (from US though) who just moved to Taiwan and am experiencing the Lunar New Year for the first time. It’s pretty exciting!

    By the way, I read your comment on Nomad Notions about a dentist who numbs for cavities.. Can you suggest one to me please?

    Thank you! Excited to follow your blog in the future.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Jillian!! I hope you had a great Lunar New Year holiday and you get to attend one of the many lantern festivals happening in Taiwan at the moment!

      As for recommending a dentist, where are you located in Taiwan? I am not sure where you live, so it may be more convenient for you to ask around and find one located near you.

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