My Two Favorite Spots to Ring in the New Year in Taiwan


It is that time of the year again!  The holiday season is upon us!  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and people are decking the halls with holly and cheer.  New Year’s is also approaching which brings with it a sense of renewal, fresh starts, and new beginnings.  And I can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year than observing a spectacular display of fireworks.  Here are my two favorite spots to greet the new year in Taiwan:


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~1~ Taipei 101:  Looking for somewhere to ring in the new year in northern Taiwan?  Then, Taipei 101 is the place to be. Thousands of spectators descend upon Xinyi District on New Year’s Eve.  A free concert is held in front of Taipei City Hall with some of the top Taiwanese acts performing.   A spectacular fireworks display illuminates Taipei 101 at midnight to welcome the new year. And the best thing is you can escape the crowd by viewing the fireworks from a distance as the display can be viewed from several vantage points around the area.

Word of advice though!  Public transportation is VERY crowded on New Year’s Eve. And it doesn’t get any better!  After the fireworks are over, everyone makes a big mad dash for the nearest MRT station which, from personal experience, becomes a pushing match as everyone wants to be first to avoid waiting.  It’s better just to wait around for awhile, enjoy the lights and displays around XiYi District and head home when the crowd subsides.


 ~2~ E-Da World:  Want to take in a long, panoramic fireworks display? Then head to E-Da World in Kaohsiung.   It is one of the places to be on New Year’s Eve in southern Taiwan.  A concert, featuring some of Taiwan’s best talent, begins in the early evening, continues on until the countdown, and ends around 1 a.m.  And if that is not enough, it is one of the longest fireworks displays I have ever seen!!  

Last year, the fireworks lasted for a whopping 9 minutes, blasting from all angles. Plus, it was the perfect night!  A light breeze carried the smoke away which made for one amazing fireworks display.  When it was over, everyone headed to their vehicles in orderly fashion; there were no pushing, no arguing, everyone was relaxed, happy, and cheerful. Compared to what I had experienced at the Taipei City Hall MRT Station in Taipei, this was surprising but sure made for a perfect start to the new year.

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you!!  I hope the New Year is everything you want it to be plus more.  May it bring all of you happiness and good health. What are your plans to welcome 2014? 


23 thoughts on “My Two Favorite Spots to Ring in the New Year in Taiwan

  1. Thank you and Happy New year to you too! Last year we spent it in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, this year we are in Cannes in Europe who knows where next year we’ll be, Taiwan perhaps? 😉

  2. My New Years resolution? To take firework photos half as good as yours. Luckily, here in Costa Rica, every day is a holiday and fireworks go off constantly. Interesting post and great pics.

    1. 🙂 A steady tripod will do the trick! 😉 I hope you had a great time ringing in the new year in Costa Rica! And I look forward to seeing some fantastic fireworks pics on your blog in 2014!

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  4. Excellent fireworks photos! I stay away from New Years Eve fireworks because of the cold weather, but I have a perfect spot for watching 4th of July fireworks: the balcony of my friend’s condo. Happy New Year, Constance. May 2014 be a year to remember.

    1. Thanks, Nicki! The weather in Taiwan is perfect for being outdoors! We all prepared for a cold night but ended up taking off our jackets! I hope your year is off to a great start and I look forward to reading your blog entries in 2014! Happy New Year!

  5. The Taipei 101 fireworks look absolutely stunning. So envious that you get the chance to witness that. =)

      1. Well, I’d rather have your “bad” pictures than my “good” pictures! I don’t suppose you have a Chinese lion dance picture anywhere I could feature on my next post and link back to your site, do you?

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