Seeing ‘Crystal Clear’ in Taiwan – Lugang’s Glass Gallery


After several rather eventful detours, we finally made our way to see the Glass Gallery located on the upstairs level of the building. It was the main purpose for the trip after all.

At this point, I was very eager to see what the second floor had to offer; so eager that the suspense and anticipation was really making me excited.  I have to admit that I had rather high expectations for the Lugang (Lukang) Glass Gallery.  I mean the Glass Temple was for sure an unexpected, welcoming surprise and the on-site glass artisans also came as a pleasant, amazing addition to our glass experience.  So I was somewhat curious, almost intrigued about the hidden gems we would uncover on the second floor.


The entire glass experience commenced right from the first step. Yes, the stairs leading upward to the gallery were made of colored glass and each step was a different shade.

As we approached the upper level, we found ourselves in the mist of glass samples.  Each type of glass contained a detailed description of its usage as well as its features.  Unfortunately, most of the information was written in Chinese and no translation was provided.


After passing the area, we then approached the glass archway. What a cool use of glass!!  The entire tunnel was made out of glass!!   The upper glass portion was similar to outer space with stars and lights and the glass floor contained sand that lay 30 cm under the glass.  It was fun to watch everyone carefully place their foot on the floor in fear that the glass would crack and break.

We waited patiently until the coast was clear.  We used this opportunity to take pictures and then we realized that they tunnel had a motion sensor.  If no one was walking on the glass, the lights would eventually turn off.


As we walked through the ‘twilight zone,’ we finally entered the Glass Gallery.  It was like entering a crystal paradise – everything was made of glass.  There were miniature figurines of bicycles, larger displays of koi fish, a glass model of Taipei 101, glass windows, glass walls, glass ceilings; there were glass items everywhere.


I particularly enjoyed the kaleidoscope: if you look in at one end, you could see a beautiful mosaic and if a person looks in from the opposite side, they will see several images of you.  It is very neat and of course, I couldn’t leave without getting my husband to snap some pictures of yours truly.  I mean…who wouldn’t want a photo with 20 or 30 images of their own face?  🙂

Another rather cool feature of the place was its narrow hall of mirrors.  There were mirrors extending up as far as the eye could see and portrayed skewed images of people as they wandered by.

After checking out the entire gallery, we made our way down to the first floor with the intention of calling it a day and heading home.

But there was one more place which would prove to be a pleasant surprise for us and a cool, unexpected adventure.

Learn more about the ‘Mirror Maze’ in a future blog post!!




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