Halloween in Taiwan: A Teacher’s Perspective


This blog was written last Monday, October 28th, 2013 but unfortunately I got side-tracked and I didn’t get to post it before Halloween!


Fall is my favorite time of year and why wouldn’t it be?  There is a sense of endings and new beginnings.  We bid good-bye to summer, to the green trees, and the holidays of summer.  But we welcome the sense of new and renewal: a new school year starts, freshly harvested vegetables line the stalls at markets, excited children dress-up and collect Halloween treats, and families gather together for Thanksgiving turkey dinner.  Canadian wildlife can be seen in abundance as cooler temperatures force them to lower ground.


Yes, fall signals harvest festivals and Halloween.  Ooooh, halloween!!  And experiencing Halloween in Taiwan is something extraordinary; it is more about the sharing of knowledge and about the overall experience rather than the collection of treats.

During my several years teaching young children, I have made many positive memories about Halloween.  The children become aware of a new custom, something not thoroughly known about in Taiwan. 

It is always funny to witness their little minds processing the idea of going from house to house collecting treats.  The thought of gathering such an enormous of about candy in one single night must be a dream come true to any child who has never experienced Halloween.


Plus, they get to enjoy the events and feel the anticipation leading up to Halloween.  Students enjoy coloring and making of ghosts, Jack-o-lanterns, witches, monsters, owls, black cats, haunted houses, and so on. 

On October 31st, they get to experience the enjoyment of collecting treats from local businesses.  They feel the fear of entering a homemade haunted house (really a haunted room).  They play games with a Halloween twist and carve their very own pumpkin.


So as we prepare for the ghosts and goblins floating around and the witches flying through the air and the spookiness that surrounds Halloween, I will leave you with some of the Halloween art some teachers and I created in honor of Halloween.  We decided to keep it rather ‘happy and cute’ this year as not to scared the little ghosts and goblins!

Happy Halloween from Taiwan!! What are your plans?


9 thoughts on “Halloween in Taiwan: A Teacher’s Perspective

    1. I had a great time teaching my students the words associated with Halloween!! The topic the entire week surrounded the Halloween and they were very excited all week!! And I have to admit, it was fun for me, too!! 😉

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