Creating ‘Crystal Clear’ Art: Glass Artists at Work


After exploring the magificant Glass Temple and learning the signifance, reasoning, and relevance behind the temple decor, it was time to move on to the neighboring glass gallery adjacented to the Glass Temple.

As we entered the building, we were greeted with a wave of activity on the first floor.  Several vendors were scattered throughout the entire first floor selling a wide variety of glass products: coffee tables, glasses, clocks, vases, candle holders, glass pendents, etc.  My eyes were immediately drawn to the elaborately designed, hand-crafted glass sculptures. They were absolutely beautiful.


Then, we had the opportunity to observe two glass artists at work.  One of the men was in the process of constructing an Eiffel Tower out of glass.  I was in utter awe by his crafting skills.

He stopped for a break and he approached us to say hi.  At that time, I was looking for the perfect souvenirs that were hand-crafted and made in Taiwan as well as something unique and special.  We talked about some of his recently-made products that were on display and currently for sale.


It was nice to hear the story behind each piece and the amount of time needed to craft each. He talked about the techniques used to make the ones I was interested in buying for my family and friends in Canada.

I selected five to buy and he was nice enough to fix any inperfections I found to make them absolutely perfect.  Also, they packed them securely to ensure they would withstand the long journey to Canada.


I really enjoyed talking to the glass artist and learning about the pieces I purchased.  When I returned to Canada to visit my family and friends, I had the opportunity to relay the information about the technique and process used and shared the pictures of the artist fine-tuning their gifts. They told me that the gift made for great conversation pieces as they would tell house guests everything I told me about the glass sculpture.

The prices were incredibly reasonable, way lower and cheaper than I expected to pay for a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces.  Products like this in Canada would cost at least five times as much, maybe even more.  Plus, how often can you meet and personally talk to the artist about the process and method used in making the products?  Not often!!


So with two glass boats, a beautiful lotus sculpture, and two hand-crafted swans, it was finally time to explore the upstairs glass galllery which was the main purpose of the visit.  Talk  about a person getting side-tracked!!

Did you ever observe a glass artist at work?  What do you think about hand-crafted glass pieces?

Come back for part three about my visit to the Glass Gallery located in Lugang, Taiwan.



9 thoughts on “Creating ‘Crystal Clear’ Art: Glass Artists at Work

  1. Seeing the crafting process always makes me appreciate the final products a lot more. I managed to see some glass makers at work in Venice when I was quite young and have been meaning to go back. 🙂 Those christmas crystal pieces look super cute!

  2. Wow, what a great place. Some items look so amazing. It’s definitely a place worth seeing. P.S. Did you think of making your photos bigger? I’m visual myself and love when the pictures are medium-sized :).

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