Quack, Quack: Duck Craze in Taiwan


It is not only happening in Kaohsiung, but it seems that the entire island of Taiwan is experiencing ‘Duckmania.’

Yes, Taiwanese are going crazy over the 18 meter rubber duck created by Dutch artist, Forentijin Hofman.

It seems that there are ducks everywhere: duck displays, duck signs, duck cupcakes, duck balloons, duck stuffed-toys, caps with ducks, T-shirts with ducks…It’s everywhere and it is hard to avoid it.

One Friday in September, I asked my advanced ESL class about their weekend plans and many of them told me that they were making the 2 1/2 to 3 hour journey to Kaohsiung.  The main purpose for the trip was to see the huge, yellow, inflatable duck which is calling the harbor of Kaohsiung home for about a month (more specifically, Glory Pier).



I asked my students why the duck is so popular and I got a variety of responses.

First, some told me that it is the vast size of the duck that intrigues them.  Standing at 18 meters, which is the equivalent of a 5 story building, creates quite the dramatic statement.

Others said that is was because everyone else was going to see it so it must be something special. And ‘special’ it very well may be.  According to an article published by CNN, over 3 million people are expected to make their way to Kaohsiung to see the duck.

Or maybe it is the dramatic presence that the bright yellow duck makes against the dark Kaohsiung backdrop.  The pictures posted by my Taiwanese friends on facebook definitely capture your eye and attention.

Personally, I would never consider making the journey to see a large piece of yellow plastic filled with air.



But, I did go to CMP Block to see the duck display there.  Like I said in a previous blog, I enjoy seeing the art displays at CMP Block and seeing I was in the general area, I couldn’t help but check it out!

How about you?  Would you travel to see an 18 meter yellow duck?

~~Most of these photos were taken at CMP Block.  ~~  3 months blogging as of today!! ~~




10 thoughts on “Quack, Quack: Duck Craze in Taiwan

    1. No, the duck will make it’s way to 3 cities here in Taiwan. And I just love when my students to tell me about their ‘duck experiences’!! There is so much excitement in the conversation when they compare their ‘duck’ stories!!

  1. No wonder I saw so many rubber duck-themed items in night markets across Taiwan during my last trip. I saw the ducky in Hong Kong nearby Harbour City too… such a star.

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