Most Foreigners ARE NOT Like That!

I am not the type of person to judge or speak negatively about someone, especially a stranger (who, like me, is a foreigner in Taiwan), but I thought I would share this to see what you all think about the man’s actions. 

Recently, I have the craving for good, old Western food and we decided to dine at an American chain restaurant to satisfy my longing for familiar food and drinks from home.

In order to avoid the Saturday evening rush, we decided to eat in the late afternoon when the business was slow and the restaurant wasn’t at its busiest.

We arrived, were seated, our orders were taken, and our drinks were in the process of being made.

Then, all of a sudden, this white hair, large-framed foreigner with glasses struts into the restaurant and immediately made his presence known. He was seated by the door host and not a moment later, started to shout, hit the table, snap his fingers, whistle, and rudely demand to be served immediately.

It was hard not to notice the commotion and the unpleasant scene he was creating.

But to his irritation, the staff didn’t run to his becking call at once. He wasn’t treated as a VIP which infuriated the man.  Then, he started cursing and swearing very loudly.

Sorry, buddy!  In the real world, be it Taiwan, the States, Canada, anywhere, you have to wait your turn.

After causing the biggest scene in a restaurant and believe me, I saw my fair share when I was waitressing my way through university, his dramatic scene hit a high note.

He approached the waiter, who was now serving us our drinks, and told him he sucked at his job and he was going to make sure that his inability to do his job would be known by management. 

I felt sorry for the waiter.  He was doing a great job.  I know how tough it can be.

Then, I found myself apologizing for the rude man by saying “Sorry!  Most Foreigners ARE NOT Like That!”  He smiled and replied “I know!”

Even today, I still find the whole situation entirely sad and pathetic. Who does the guy think he is?  And why is he so angry with the world? In my perspective, it gives foreigners a bad name because we are all put in that category.  I am sure when the Taiwanese diners retell the events of that day, they won’t say an older man in his late 40’s, early 50’s was totally rude and out of line, they will refer to him as a foreigner.

We are guests in this country.  We are not superior.  We are equal.  We must respect the people and their ways.  The waiter did nothing wrong.  He didn’t deserve to be rudely spoken to.  My only question is ‘Would he act the same way in a restaurant in his home country?’ 


Maybe I should have shared with him some words of wisdom that follow and believe.  These words are ‘Any situation can turn into an awesome experience as long as you approach it with a positive attitude and smile.’



8 thoughts on “Most Foreigners ARE NOT Like That!

  1. I have seen such things more than enough, in any given country. There are always such idiotic people who think that the whole world revolves around them.
    Sure you can ignore them but it is still really annoying to see such things…

  2. Sweetie,I totally understand you. I met some arrogant and impolite foreigners here in China who thought they were much better than Chinese. All I could hear was “OMG, nobody speaks English here. What a country! It’s so dirty here, people are disguising” but they never made the effort to learn Chinese or interact with locals. Pathetic behavior!

    1. I agree!! Its sad that some people that are impolite. I think they miss the point of experiencing and appreciating another culture; we are not entitled to judge the way other people lived when we are ‘guests’ in their country!

  3. Blech we get TONS of those here in Costa Rica. It’s like a plague. I always like to turn the tables around on them as well and ask, would you accept that behavior if that happened in YOUR home country? No, no you wouldn’t.
    Don’t worry about the foreigner thing in Taiwan. They even call ME a foreigner and I’m 100% Taiwanese! And not even the Chinese/Taiwanese, my family has lived on that island for 300 years! They don’t do it out of hate or stereotypes, it’s just an easy way to call anyone who is not Taiwanese born haha. At least they don’t categorize everyone as gringo like they do here!

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