Why I Love Teaching in Taiwan : Feeling Appreciated!


Tomorrow is Teacher’s Day in Taiwan and to all the teachers out there, both in Taiwan and elsewhere, Happy Teacher’s Day!!!


 I looked at my watch and it was time to teach my favorite class.  I have been teaching them for close to 5 years now and I have honestly enjoyed watching them grow and learn.  For me, it is the best way to end the week.  They are all very fluent in English, have the ability to express their ideas, and are very eager to learn!  When I think of the perfect class, I think of them. 

I walked into the classroom earlier this evening and I could hardly believe my eyes.  They were all wearing face masks (which are commonly worn in Taiwan if you have a cold or are trying to refrain from getting sick).  They were all laughing (and maybe smiling – I couldn’t see through the masks 😉 and said ‘Happy Teacher’s Day!’  When I looked more closely, I saw that each student’s mask contained the words ‘Happy Teacher’s Day.’

I never bring my phone to class and this is one of the days I wish I had a phone!  It was so teaching that tears came to my eyes!!  I know I am a very sentimental person and to me, that was so much better than an elborate, expensive gift!! I felt so appreciated – and that is why I love teaching!!




When my student arrived today for his one-on-one private English lesson, I was surprised that his Mom came in as well.  She is a well-known local florist in the town and is known for her beautiful and unique floral arrangements.  Her son, a shy and very mannerly 13 year-old, had his hands behind his back.  I wasn’t quite sure what was going on and why his mother was carrying his school bag.  Then, he presented with a single rose and said ‘Happy Teacher’s Day.’  His Mom explained that she wanted to do a more elborate arrangement for me but her son insisted on only one flower and he picked out the most beautiful rose she had in the store.  Then he said ‘There are many teachers but there is only one teacher like you, so that is why I only give you a single rose.’

And that is why I love teaching!  It is those special moments of appreciation that make you realize that all the planning, preparation, and effort are worth it. I have been privately teaching this boy for nearly 6 years and I am happy to say that his advance English level is a direct reflection of my teaching ability and his hard work.



Here’s a toast to all the teachers out there!!  Happy Teacher’s Day!!


8 thoughts on “Why I Love Teaching in Taiwan : Feeling Appreciated!

  1. That’s beautiful. Isn’t it great to be appreciated as a teacher? I teach in South Korea, and your post reminds me a lot of my own experience here. The letters, cards, cookies, and all, it always makes me feel great to think that I’ve touched someone and helped them to better some aspect of themselves, even if only in a small way. Thanks for posting.

    I also blog about expat life and cross-cultural issues. Please drop by if you get a chance.

    1. Yes, I believe it’s the little gestures of appreciation that mean the most.
      Receiving money is great but toilet paper?? Why did you get toilet paper? But at least it is something you can always use 😉 LOL

  2. as an overseas Taiwanese, I always remember the Taiwanese style good students manner, such as be grateful to teachers and be helpful in the class…. here in Europe in my class, the local students they just short of respectful attitude, for which I think it’s terrifying

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