Crazy About Flowers – Flower Festivals in Taiwan

2012 Taichung Flower Festival

Fall is just around the corner.  I can feel it in the air.  The temperature has already dropped a whopping 3°C, the sun is shifting its position, and the wind is beginning to blow from the north.

Unfortunately, the changing of the seasons is not as substantial like in parts of the States or Canada, but a drop in temperature, even just a little, is a welcome relief from the scorching summer heat.



And with the changing of seasons means that we are approaching flower season in Taiwan.  I know it sounds rather unusual.  Flowers are usually grown during the warm summer months.  But it is the opposite in Taiwan. Flowers are usually planted in fall when the weather is cooler and the flowers can be appreciated by everyone.  Except for the tiger lilies, of course!

Starting around the end of October until late January to early February, several cities and counties hold Flower Festivals around the island. They are primarily sponsored by the local governments and they are free to attend.

Some are as follows:




(The four pictures above were taken at the 2012 Taichung Flower Festival)

Taichung Flower Festival: This is by far my favorite.  Workers spend a month or two or even longer creating, designing, preparing, and ensuring the venue is neat and perfect. 

Personally, I feel the displays are always unique and exciting.  For example, last year there were fields of flowers carefully shaped as butterflies, hearts, and funky geometric shapes.

Plus, it gets bigger and better every year.  I have attended this flower festival for several consecutive years and the location is perfect. It is nestle in the hills of Dakeng and the mountains create a picture perfect backdrop for photography and sightseeing.  (For more information about the 2014 Taichung Flower Festival, check this post  and this post out.)

[For information about the 2015 Taichung Flower Festival, click this link.]




(The four pictures above were taken at the 2012 Nantou Flower Festival)

Nantou Flower Festival: Although it isn’t as large nor extravagant as the one in Taichung, it is worth checking out if you are in the general area.  It is held in an open field close to the Chung Tai Chan Monastery.  It is a beautiful grassy area surrounded by mountains. 

There are usually several fields of cosmos and marigolds as well as large arrangements of unique flower displays.  It generally begins sometime in December and runs until early in the new year.




(The four pictures above were taken at the 2013 Changhua Flower Festival)

Changhua Flower Festival:

Changhua is considered the flower growing region in Taiwan.  TienWei, a town located in Changhua County, is readily known for its abundance and production of plants and flowers which are available for purchase.

So, it is not surprising that the flower displays here are creatively designed.  Most of the arrangements are housed in a large building on the grounds of XiZhou Park. 

The theme of the displays usually coincides with Chinese Zodiac animal of that year.  Presently, it is the year of the snake so this animal was the primary inspiration for most of the displays during the festival held in early 2013.

The Changhua Flower Festival is usually held during the Chinese New Year holiday.  It gets very crowded, so time your visit accordingly!  You have been warned!!

DSC00474_PictureBooster_635140096918622499     DSC00272_PictureBooster_635140097489742641

Although several other flower festivals are held in Taiwan during late fall and early winter, I usually only attend these three.  If you want more info about these upcoming flower festivals, like me on facebook for regular updates!

DSC09111_PictureBooster_635140132875014349     423813_10150520071842003_1784845484_n_PictureBooster_635140119783271496


20 thoughts on “Crazy About Flowers – Flower Festivals in Taiwan

  1. I am not surprised you went crazy about the flowers. I simply love them. There is such a great variety of them – yellow, small, big, blue. Something incredible!! Wish we had a flower’s festival in China 🙂

  2. Hi Constance! Lovely photos – I especially liked the second and third photos near the top of the page! Can’t say I’ve ever been to a flower festival as elaborate as these are! 🙂

  3. I’ve never been to a flower festival before and I’d love to. Shame it wasn’t on when we were in Taiwan.

    1. Sorry for the late reply but the flower festivals in this article are all located in Central Taiwan. Unfortunately, they are all over now but if you want to check them out, they usually begin in November.

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