Unique & Different: Art at CMP Block, Taichung

Bringing new meaning to ‘underground parking’ and cars ‘going green!’



I have never really considered myself an artsy person.  I have absolutely no drawing skills.  However, I have attempted abstract painting on a few occasions and the end result was an unexpected success. I proudly display both paintings in my home which make for great conversation pieces. 



With that being said, I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoy the outdoor art exhibits at CMP Block, located in Taichung.  I appreciate the level of effort put into the ‘boxed art’ displays as well as the dedication of changing the art displays every few months.



Before I go any further, I think I should rewind a little and share how I accidentally stumbled upon this place.  It was about a year ago and while I was checking out the ins and outs of Twitter, I entered the hashtag ‘#Taichung’ to see what tweets would pop up.  My eyes were immediately drawn to the art exhibit displaying two cars covered with grass with half of the car embedded into the ground.  The car exhibit intrigued me and I just had to see it for myself.  With some additional research, I found the location of CMP Block in Taichung and I was all set to investigate further.



So, it was settled.  I was going to explore CMP Block the very next Saturday.  My husband and I traveled to that particular area in Taichung and after a quick lunch, we made our way to CMP Block.  When we arrived, we were surprised by the amount of people exploring the ‘boxed house’ exhibits.  (The exterior of the boxed house is a metal mirror while the interior contains an art exhibit.) 

We checked out the ‘car’ exhibit first.  I casually joked with my husband that this particular art display gave new meaning to ‘underground parking’ and cars ‘going green.’   Then, we proceeded to enjoy the other exhibits located in the boxes.



There are about 8 boxes in total (I think) and each one has a different exhibition in accordance with the theme. Also, there is another outdoor area which also has a large exhibit of some kind.  Once there it was a collection of LED lights of different lengths and currently, it is a bamboo snake-like exhibit.  It’s pretty cool.

There is also an indoor area which contains several art exhibits as well and there are art items available for purchase.  I eyed a beautiful necklace with a elaborately designed pendant but I decided not to buy it, a decision that I truly regret now.

I have been going to CMP from time to time for over a year now.  I have seen several displays.  They mostly focus on a specific theme like Christmas, Chinese New Year, love and hate, etc.  The current display focuses on drink boxes and fruit.



I will continue to go there for a dose of art and to content the little art lover in me!  It is free plus it is not far from where I live which is an added bonus.

Are you an art lover?  Have you ever come across a free art exhibit that inspires you? 

Interested in more art around the Taichung area, check out If Those Walls Could Talk: Taichung’s Rainbow Village

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6 thoughts on “Unique & Different: Art at CMP Block, Taichung

  1. Wow! We’ve been to Taichung but sadly didn’t know about this crazy and very interesting place, what a shame! It looks exactly what I’d enjoy. While in Taichung we only went to the Contemporary Art Museum which was free too. It’s amazing how they make art so accessible to everybody! 🙂

    1. Thanks for dropping by! It was just pure luck that I found out about this place on twitter! And I agree! Taiwan has lots of free, art-related things to do which makes it a great place to explore!

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