I am in Tea Heaven: Zhushan Tea Plantation

Gorgeous View!

As we left home with our destination entered into the GPS, I could feel a sense of anticipation and excitement beginning to brew inside of me.  We were on our way to escape reality for awhile and spend the entire day exploring the Ruan-An Tea Garden  located in the Zhushan region in the mountains of Nantou.  This tea plantation is popular because of its circular design from the inside out.

We passed the turnoff to go to the Tienti Sky Bridge and continue on the mountain road.  Higher and higher, further and further we went into the mountains.  Finally, we spotted some handmade painted signs, written in Chinese, which guided us over rocky terrain. 



Slower and slower we drove as we guided the car over bumps while avoiding very large potholes.  The road became very narrow, barely big enough for two cars to squeeze through and then we saw the beautifully designed rows of tea plantations in the far-off distance.

The plantation looked very picturesque with the mountain range in the background and the afternoon mist lingering over the mountain tips. Perfectly circular tea hedges covered the entire area.  The hedges creeped upward from the bottom of the hill all the way to the top. Paths for tea pickers were placed and measured perfectly in exact dimensions.  The scene was a breath of fresh air (literally & figuratively).



We walked around the plantations.  The area wasn’t that big but the view of the tea plantations was absolutely breathtaking.  I have always wanted to see a tea plantation which left me in awe and this one pretty much did that.  It was a beautifully place to leisurely stroll around and enjoy a Sunday afternoon.



The area didn’t have a lot of visitors.  There were about ten cars there at the time we visited which caused quite the commotion since the size of the road hardly warranted turning.  My husband, whose driving skills are exceptional compared to mine, ended up reversing out the entire tiny road until there was ample space to turn around.



I would advise combining a trip here with a visit to the Tienti Sky Bridge (more about that in another blog) seeing both are in the same general area.  Word of advice though: leave early if you want to really to enjoy both locations to the fullest!

 Have you ever have the opportunity to roam around a tea plantation?  If yes, where was it and what was it like?



9 thoughts on “I am in Tea Heaven: Zhushan Tea Plantation

  1. I love tea plantations so much! These ones remind me of the plantations in Cameron Highland, Malaysia. I’ll go back there in an heart bit, they were stunning!

  2. Nice pictures of all the plantations. I’m not a tea drink myself, but my husband is. We visited a farm in Costa Rica where were go to taste some of the tea. He really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing and linking up to #WeekendWanderlust this week.

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