Celebrating Chinese Valentine’s Day, Taiwanese Style!

Cute Menu at Chin Chin Restaurant

For those of you who are familiar with places to dine in Taiwan, I’m sure you are aware that many (young) Taiwanese are absolutely crazy about theme restaurants with a unique and special twist.  And usually the cuter and ‘more out there,’ the better.  To me, it seems to be all about the overall dining experience rather than the actual food served.  You can dine sitting on a toilet while eating food from a ‘squatty,’ be tempted by food shaped like ‘Hello Kitty’ that is served by a waitress wearing a pink dress with cute bows, or share a meal with your ‘Barbie’ or ‘Ken’ while sitting on chairs adorned with tutu fabric at a restaurant where hot pink is the color choice.

So with Chinese Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I decided to do some digging and research to find the perfect, ‘cutesy’ theme restaurant to celebrate this special occasion.  My husband had a confused smile when I informed that we would be enjoying a meal at ‘Chin Chin’ Restaurant (meaning ‘Kiss Kiss’) to kick off our early Chinese V-Day celebration! 


Chin Chin is located in an area known as Moncoeur (more on that area in another blog) on the hills of Dakeng located on the outskirts of Taichung.  Dakeng is home to several theme restaurants and sightseeing areas and it seems like more and more are being built around the area.  This restaurant is targeted towards couples, lovebirds who want to dine and enjoy a unique and romantic experience.

 4891070388_190d59d7b1_o[1]_PictureBooster_635117685973198708  4890468999_e6dcd51087_o[1]_PictureBooster_635117683769969349

The whole unique experience commences just as you enter the restaurant. You are greeted by a host wearing cupid wings with a heart in the middle.   The host instructs you to combine lavender water and yogurt milk to make a ‘love potion’ that is equally shared and drank my the couple.  The host then asks each of you to stand on the hearts located on the floor and a photo is taken.  The picture is developed and at the end of the meal given to you, the couple, as a keepsake and memento along with a card written in Chinese.

Call me corny, but I rather enjoyed this unique ‘greet’ feature.  Many smaller, hole in the wall restaurants in Taiwan have a casual feel, with a free for all, sit wherever you please arrangement.  I really appreciate the host taking the time to greet each couple individually and give them a warm and inviting welcome.

 DSC08605_PictureBooster_635117673308089618  DSC08587_PictureBooster_635117695909924052

The restaurant has three levels.  I strongly suggest asking to dine on the main level or the upper level.  We were led to the downstairs portion which is located near the bathrooms and had a rather unpleasant damp, musty smell.  I am assuming it is only used when the upper two levels are full.  I politely refused to dine downstairs and we were offered a table on the upper level, without a window view, which was fine by us.

 DSC08547_PictureBooster_635117597807065708  DSC08546_PictureBooster_635117594378027726

After finding suitable seating, the whole love experience continued.  The waitress passed us the cutest menus containing the words ‘for him’ and ‘for her.’  We were asked to order for our partner but we opted to order from the same menu: my husband ordered the steak while I ordered the chicken.

   DSC08548_PictureBooster_635116536869776943  DSC08554_PictureBooster_635117665673738600

Lavender tea was also part of the set meal price.  Instead of being sweetened with sugar, lollipops were placed in the cups and proceeded to melt as the as the tea was poured in.  This was a special and unique touch that I have never seen before.  Free refills and extra lollipops were available as well.


The appetizer consisted of a choice between corn chowder and vegetable soup, both served with bread.  I chose the first option while my husband chose opted for the latter one.  Refills were also available free of charge.

 DSC08570_PictureBooster_635116539763350355  DSC08576_PictureBooster_635117667514006415

The main entrees were served on one large platter, keeping with the love and dating theme.  The chicken was stuffed with rosemary and other herbs which exceeded my expectations and was surprisingly delicious. My husband sampled a good portion of my chicken and  preferred the chicken over the beef.

A very small glass of fruit flavored sushie was offered as well with refills.  The crushed ice drink was a welcome relief on a hot day so mine was refilled several times.  However, a larger glass could have been offered in summer but since most Taiwanese refrain from drinking cold beverages even during the summer, I totally understand their logic behind providing small glasses.


Dessert was also included in the set menu which consisted of a milk pudding with a fruit puree on top.  No option was given for dessert. 

In summary, I really enjoyed the unique and overall experience.  The servers paid close attention to us without being too interfering. It was a great way to celebrate an early Chinese V-Day in Taiwan. The meal was a reasonable priced at under NT$1500 for two.  Plus, we got to drink a love potion, stand on hearts, order from his and her menus, eat from the same platter while at the same time being attended to by cupid! 

 DSC08667_PictureBooster_635117672251028895  DSC08588_PictureBooster_635117674880416426

Please note the that there is an entry fee for the premises of Monceour ($200 per person on weekends, but a $100 coupon is given which can be used anywhere inside)  The grounds contain several buildings resembling European achitecture so we decided to take advantage of the surroundings for some photo opps!!

Have you ever dined a theme restaurant?  If so, what was your dining experience like?  If not, are you willing to give it a try?

And for all the couples out there, Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day!

Taken at a Department Store in Taiwan

(Chinese Valentine’s Day, also known as Qixi Festival, falls on the 7th day of the 7th month on the lunar calendar. )

All of these opinions are purely my own!


12 thoughts on “Celebrating Chinese Valentine’s Day, Taiwanese Style!

  1. This is so cute! Japan has a special place in its heart for theme restaurants too, but I’ve never seen anything like this, devoted to couples. Love it! The food looked very good and quite substantial too (my only worry when going to some theme restaurants is that there’s so much focus on the concept that the food prep gets left behind). I like that they also take a photo you can keep, too. Very sweet idea. 🙂
    I couldn’t help but laugh over the name thoughー”chin chin” means err… a part of the male anatomy in Japanese. ^^; (Although only one “chin” is the sound of the microwave chiming when it’s done. ^^)

    1. Is there a Hello Kitty theme restaurant in Japan? There is in Taipei as well as a Barbie one. Actually, there is also a whole chain of toilet restaurants scattered around the island as well. I have never been to any of these. I can’t picture my husband dining on a chair decorated with a Barbie skirt haha and there is something very unappetizing about eating food out of a toilet and ice cream out of a squatty while sitting on an actual toilet.

      I can’t stop laughing about the meaning of Chin Chin in Japan. That restaurant will never be the same for me again. (just joking)!! The food there is very delicious, especially the chicken as it has been marinated with herbs. I really enjoyed the entire experience!!

      1. Hmm there’s prbably a couple of Hello Kitty restaurants in Sanrio’s Puroland: http://en.puroland.jp/ But usually HK sticks to limited time cafe collaborations. Those seem to be the mainstay for themed places: they’ll have a character or concept for just a month, then back to normal or onto the next idea. ^^
        Barbie cafe!? Wow! At first I thought maybe all guests have to wear oneーbut thank goodness it’s just on the chair! 😀
        Yes, we’ve heard about the poop ones (and unfortunately googled it too…WHY!?) and it seemed “okay” until we saw the chocolate ice cream… No.

        Will definitely keep this one at the back of my mind thoughーand not just for the name! XD

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