Taipei 101: 7 Ways to Explore & Experience While Looking Up!


Taipei 101: 7 Ways to Explore and Experience While Looking Up
Taipei 101: 7 Ways to Explore and Experience While Looking Up

Taipei 101 has clearly become a landmark for Taipei and for the island of Taiwan and rightfully so.  The bamboo shaped structure towers over Taipei at 508 meters, has 101 floors, and held the title of tallest building in the world for a brief period of time.  The new Xinyi District is dubbed the financial district of Taipei and with a structure like this invading this part of the city’s skyline, it is easy to understand why.

Be sure to take the time to explore and experience everything this structure has to offer, both inside and out!  I am sure you will be excited to wander around the building and the area surrounding it and discover it from all aspects!


       DSC08934_PictureBooster_635112277383215445           DSC00810_PictureBooster_635112264813257947_PictureBooster_635112265694447085

The Taipei 101 Structure:  The view of Taipei 101 throughout the entire Xinyi district is a magnificent sight.  If you look at the building close-up, you can admire the architectural details such as the bamboo knots while far away glimpses are sure to leave you in awe.  In my opinion, the most spectacular view of Taipei 101 is from the grounds of Sun Yet Sen Memorial Hall where old and new, traditional and modern, historical and new-age collide.

Taipei 101 Observatory:  The observatory gives you a bird’s eye view of Taipei.  Enjoy the view at dusk and you will be treated to a daytime and night time view of the city.  Word of advice though, go there on a clear day or it will be basically NT$400 down the drain.  I am embarrassed to say that I haven’t be whisked to the top by one of the world’s fastest elevators but it is on my list of things to do.  I plan to dine on top and I have one more future plan to get to the top (find out a little later)!!


         DSC00812_PictureBooster_635112259881251971       DSC00823_PictureBooster_635112261149280125

All you need is ‘LOVE’: The LOVE sign found outside, on the premises of Taipei 101, is a photographer’s delight.  Hundreds of pictures are snapped here on a daily basis of couples, tourists, and virtually anyone who passes it for the first time.  It has become a hot spot for wedding photography which is maybe why HTC uses it in it’s phone commercial to demonstrate eliminating unwanted people from photos.


        DSC08952_PictureBooster_635112273200950272       DSC00970_PictureBooster_635112275665604483

Shopping: If you have deep pockets or just want to have a look around, Taipei 101 is a great place to browse or shop ’til you drop.  I personally love going to the upper level to see the part of the exterior architecture which is exposed within the building.  It’s nice to see the glass, the knots, and the other materials used.  Also, during my last visit, I discovered a few 3-D floor art displays within the mall so you can sit on an elephant, stand on a pedestal, sit in a boat and capture the 3-D magic.

Climb Elephant Mountain:  If you would like another perspective of Taipei 101 from higher ground, then climb Elephant mountain and if it is on a clear day with good visibility, then just let the other shutter bugs lead the way.  It is easily assessable since the beginning of the trail is only located about 15 minutes from the Taipei 101 structure and the climb should only take 15 minutes or a little longer if you take breaks.  Unfortunately, the day I climbed it the weather was miserable.  It began to rain and visibility was poor so I didn’t get any breathtaking shots.  So make sure the view is worth your effort or not it will be just a great exercise session.


          194_11909952002_7956_n[1]_PictureBooster_635112429608290048_PictureBooster_635112431132388053       194_11909812002_9239_n[1]_PictureBooster_635112411433818112

Taipei 101 Fireworks:  Thousands of spectators descend upon Xinyi District on New Year’s Eve.  A free concert is held in front of Taipei City Hall with some of the top Taiwan acts performing.  A spectacular fireworks display illuminates Taipei 101 at midnight to welcome the new year.  And the best thing is you can escape the crowd by viewing the fireworks from a distance as the display can be viewed from several vantage points around the area.

 Taipei 101 Run-Up:   Usually held in May or June, this event draws national as well as international attention.  While the elite participants compete for cash prizes, most amateurs participate to test their limits, push themselves, and obtain bragging rights.  Be sure to look out for the registration time because there are a limited number participants and spots fill up very fast. I have never done it, but like I said before, there is something else I would like to do and this is it!!   I would love to skip the elevator and run up to the top! 

So take advantage of all Taipei 101 has to offer: hike, run, shop, dine, observe, view, and love!  Just do it all!! 

Have you ever been to Taipei 101?  What are your thoughts?  If not, would you like to and what would you like to do there?

DSC00831_PictureBooster_635112267673344315      DSC00932_PictureBooster_635112280728029150


44 thoughts on “Taipei 101: 7 Ways to Explore & Experience While Looking Up!

  1. We have the same LOVE sight here in Dongguan, China and some buildings like most of skyscrapers I’ve seen in Macau :). My best friend lives in Taipei and she invited to come over next February. I’m so tempted :D!

  2. We went on top of the Taipei 101, it was nice a little expensive but not amazing. Having said that, usually we aren’t very interested in panoramic view of the cities, that’s why we weren’t probably over impressed. The elevator is super fast though 🙂

  3. I’ve never been to Taipei and hadn’t heard of this building but it looks incredible! I particularly like the architecture inside and would love to take the elevator to the top to enjoy the views of the city!

  4. I can remember this building being built, at the time I was amazed at it’s style and height – Previously the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur was the tallest building in the world and 101 blew that out of the water! Great article, love the fireworks photographs!

  5. I do very much love interesting architecture and this building is definitely one I hope to see for myself one day. I’ve seen a ton of pics of the outside but until now never of the inside. It looks just as good on the inside by the looks of your pics.

  6. I didn’t go to the top when I was there but I enjoyed walking around. I actually had no idea it was a shopping center! Next time, I’ll take Yeison to the top and show him that giant pendulum that’s up there

    1. Yes, you should! There used to be a really good bookstore in the shopping center but it seems that it has closed (or moved) – it’s too bad because it had a great English section.

  7. I’m sure the views from the top are breathtaking and I can imagine you need a clear day. When we flew into Guangzhou the “smoke” was terrible and i was difficult to see 200m further.

  8. I think I have mentioned to you before Constance that I love exploring skyscrapers so the Taipei 101 building would be a ‘must-see’ for us whenever we visit Taiwan. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is that appeals so much about high rise buildings, maybe it’s just because their architecture is just so impressive or possibly because it intrigues me how they get them so high! Great post.

  9. Wow, what an amazing building! Way better than “just” a tower (lookin’ at you, Tokyo Skytree ;p). I completely thought the “101” was something differentーinteresting to know it’s the number of floors. 🙂

    1. The architecture of Tokyo Skytree looks pretty cool though.

      Taipei 101 is full of offices for companies. I recently found out that there is a ‘secret’ Starbucks inside the building [well, not a secret anymore] on the 35th floor but from what I have heard, you have to book a day in advance and at a scheduled time.

      Miss reading your posts, Ri! Hope all is well!!

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