Spectacular Sunsets in Taiwan – Part 2


(A Video – Coastal Sunsets in Taiwan)

As stated in my last blog post, I absolutely love sunsets.  A sunset brings a feeling of relaxation, contentment, and peace.  It signals the end of the day and it feels the air with a cool, pleasant breeze. In my previous blog, I gave you a detailed and vivid description, with pictures, of sunsets in Danshui and Alishan.  This post, part 2, focuses on the other three places to witness Mother Nature working her wonders at the end of the day in Taiwan.  I am sure there are many more but these are my favorite for various reasons!!

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Sunset in Kenting


Beaches make for ideal and dramatic sunset watching areas and Kenting, located in Southern Taiwan, is no exception.  The last time I traveled to Kenting was prior to a typhoon, so the weather was quite cool but the water was very rough which limited our water activities.  We had to enjoy other activities and watching the daily sunset was one of them.  It was so peaceful to sit on the beach, the salt water spray in the air, the cool breeze in your face, and to see the setting sun.

Sunset at the Rocky Beach around Hualien

If you are familiar with Taiwan, then I am sure you are aware that the east coast of the island is an absolute gem.  Also, it is a picture perfect place to watch the sunset.  It is so easy to find your own piece of paradise along the east coast and you can watch the sun sink into the horizon alone, in a peaceful and tranquil setting. I love watching the sunset here with a glass of red wine.  Watching the sunset here is quite different than Danshui since you virtually have the entire coastline to yourself and you are not sharing the special moment with a entire boardwalk of strangers.  My special haven on the east coast is a rocky beach between Qingshui Cliff and Hualien.  It is truly a special and memorable place!

Wonggong Sunset


Wonggong is a small coastal town in Changhua County.  It is often frequented by locals and is famous for its seafood.  The first time I laid my eyes on Wonggong’s ‘zebra painted’ lighthouse in a book, I wanted to travel there.  I have traveled there on a few occasions but the first time I went there, it was late in the evening and the sunset was an added bonus.  I didn’t realize the stunning and natural backdrop the setting sun created against the arches, the bridge, and the birdwatching huts that extend into the ocean.  It is one of those places to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and just be!  It is not a very popular tourist attraction (compared to Danshui) which I feel adds to the beauty and authenticity of the place.  

What are your take on sunsets?  Are you a lover of sunsets too? In your opinion, where is the best place to watch a sunset? 

Arches at Sunset, Wonggong

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