Typhoons in Taiwan: Then Vs. Now!!


Typhoon Soulik gave me the rare opportunity to enjoy a Friday evening sunset. Usually I am working away on a Friday evening but classes were cancelled because of the approaching typhoon. 

I grew up near the ocean where we believe ‘Red sky at night, Sailor’s Delight’ but I guess that doesn’t apply when a typhoon is approaching.  The sunset on Friday evening was beautiful – I guess it was the calm before the storm!!


However, in the early hours of the morning, the howling of the wind and the torrential downpour beating on the windows made sleeping quite difficult.  The air tight, double pane windows failed to drown out the storm sounds occurring outside.  Deep sleep clearly was unreachable. It seemed that every sound made me suddenly jump out of my sleep.


So, as I lay awake after getting an early, unwanted wake-up call from Typhoon Soulik, my thoughts drifted to past typhoons and my contrasting feelings towards them, then versus now.

Prior to becoming a home-owner, I personally didn’t mind a typhoon slowing moving and making a path directly towards Taiwan.  A typhoon, for me, meant a guilt-free day off of work to rest, relax, and rejuvenate at home.  It was a day I could dedicate to the things I thoroughly enjoyed like travel researching, reading, watching movies, and so on.  It was one of those guilty pleasures that I secretly looked forward to.

Late Afternoon After Typhoon

But now, an approaching typhoon meant preparation.  Our backyard trees needed to be tied up, outdoor items needed to be properly secured, etc.  It also carried with it an uneasiness and responsibly to ensure that no danger came to us, our belongings, or to others.  Now, a typhoon meant extra work and worry.  It was no longer day a of guilt-free enjoyment!!

But as the wind from Typhoon Soulik changed direction and the rain calmed to a heavy mist, my thoughts lingered to when, not so long ago, I would enjoy the stillness of a post-typhoon evening.  And I decided that I would indeed continue to enjoy the silence after the storm and appreciate the powerful forces of Mother Nature that made the sunroom windows so sqeeky clean!!  And at that point, the exit of a typhoon was just as peaceful and enjoyable as I remembered it!


What about you?  What is your general feeling about typhoons (or other natural disasters for that matter)?

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The Eve before Typhoon Fung-Wong
The Eve before Typhoon Fung-Wong

6 thoughts on “Typhoons in Taiwan: Then Vs. Now!!

  1. Hi! I’ve never been in a typhoon, or any natural disaster, but it is surprisingly rainy here in Korea during the summer. I’m not sure if a typhoon is something we have to worry about. How are you liking Taiwan so far?

    1. I really enjoy living here. The people are very kind and they go out of their way to help you. Taiwan is really beautiful when you get out of the cities and start to enjoy it’s natural beauty. There are lots of hiking trails here as most of central Taiwan is mountains. AND….Wow! You are living in Korea. How are you enjoying the adventure so far?

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