Silent Contemplation, Beginning Thoughts

Ssilent Contemplation, Beginning Thoughts
silent contemplation, beginning thoughts

Life is constantly speeding by. Time ticks, the sun rises and sets, and the seasons change.  Days pass, weeks fly by, months add up and equate to years, and before you know it, an entire decade has passed right before your very eyes.

And here I am, sitting silently, contemplating the ideal title for this blog.

It’s difficult to find the perfect words to concisely convey and express to others the blissful and unique journey I have walked so far. How many people can say they have lived on the other side of the world for over a decade? I have! Plus, I am still thirsting for the next amazing adventure and unique experience while enjoying life’s simple and precious moments.

I also should mention that this blog has been a mental ‘work in-progress’ for a long time. I have an abundance of extraordinary travel and life experiences to share with the world and I believe this blog is a great launching point to begin gathering my thoughts and expressing myself in writing. It is a place for me to reflect what I have done, accomplished, experienced, and lived. I hope my words can capture my love of life and show that life can be anything you want it to be as long as you approach it with a positive attitude and smile!! 

And who knows, maybe my experiences will one day transpired into a memoir.

So without further ado, the commencement of…….Foreign Sanctuary!!!


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Windmills against the Coastal Sunset Backdrop in Taiwan
Windmills against the Coastal Sunset Backdrop in Taiwan

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