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SRI and Bessey Tools North America Clamp Down on Distribution Deal
01/09/2014 Supplies for Racing and Industry, Inc. (SRI) announced today that they have become a distributor of Bessey Tools North America products, which further expands SRI’s current inventory of over 15,000 unique items. The North Carolina-based SRI is well-known for its vast offering of shop supplies, such as nuts, bolts, rivets, adhesives, abrasives, and auto body supplies, yet its offering of hand tools is ever-growing.
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NASCAR on a Horseracing Track? It Happened in the Late 50's!
08/17/2013 Once upon a time, NASCAR used horseracing tracks as venues to host their Grand National Events. This is a tribute to one of those racetracks: Bay Meadows Race Course in San Mateo, CA, which has been closed for exactly 5 years now.
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Link: 3M Paint Protection Film Installation
06/25/2013 Here is a link on how a 3M Paint Protection Film installation is performed. We do paint protection film service in-house, and we also sell the film if you would like to do this on your own.
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Link: Cimcool-Fluid Technology
06/17/2013 Check out this video of what goes into making Cimcool- some of the best metalworking fluid on the planet!
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Link: WD-40 - What Can't it Do?
06/06/2013 Check out this video on Youtube about the 2000+ uses for WD-40!
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