The credit wish for a loan for low earners despite Credit Bureau requires some creativity to have any chance of approval. The article provides more information on basic credit requirements and solution options for mini-jobbers.

Loans for low earners despite Credit Bureau – difficult credit requirements

The loan for low earners, despite Credit Bureau, is an extremely difficult loan request. Neither a good income nor a clean Credit Bureau information can be used in the field when looking for a loan. With such problem-laden guidelines, the search for a provider is quite difficult. Most ordinary credit channels are already eliminated through the negative Credit Bureau entry. No lending is expected from a normal direct provider or a local bank.

Trying to submit an application could make the situation even more difficult. The loan rejection is almost always reported to Credit Bureau and extends the list of unpleasant entries. Without Credit Bureau, the offers of the loan brokerage would make a loan possible. Credit intermediaries and some direct banks offer the loan without Credit Bureau in a very narrow range. Foreign loans, in particular, serve as risk credit through the credit intermediary. In addition to restrictions on the amount of the loan, further requirements must be met for the loan without Credit Bureau.

Swiss credit without Credit Bureau for low earners

Swiss credit without Credit Bureau for low earners

Swiss loans without Credit Bureau are practically always linked to a particularly high income. The risk of attachment and the amount of income is checked. If there is no extraordinary garnishment risk, the pledged part of the income is assigned to secure the loan. Only income is the actual protection of the risk loan. The small salary of a low-income earner is far from being perceived as credit security at all.

In this case, other collateral must be taken out of the hat. It would be possible to guarantee a solvent guarantor for the loan. With his creditworthiness, he enters into credit liability. The loan is now possible within its credit line. Alternatively, a long-term capital-forming life insurance policy can serve as credit protection. The last way to force the low-income loan despite Credit Bureau would be to secure it with a high real value.

At least one of the three requirements mentioned must be met so that a reputable credit broker can help. Contradicting credit promises quickly reveal themselves to be untrustworthy. Freeloaders who promise to provide a Credit Bureau-free loan through a new savings contract or new capital life insurance are dubious. Only the capital that has already been paid in is to be used as security.

Use alternative credit opportunities

Use alternative credit opportunities

In many cases, the efforts of a reputable credit broker will be unsuccessful. Now, with the low income and the negative Credit Bureau, very few credit options remain open. It would be possible to ask the employer for an advance. For this, the Credit Bureau is neither queried nor is a formal credit reported to the Credit Bureau. Fair credit opportunities through the advance exist for a long-term employer-employee relationship.

The pawn shop offers another simple and discreet way to bridge a liquidity bottleneck. Pawnbrokers grant a loan that is only secured by the pawn. A loan for low earners despite Credit Bureau is therefore always possible at the pawnshop.

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