A loan with an annual contract is possible. Nevertheless, not every loan request is easy to fulfill with a temporary contract. The article provides more about the background and credit options, despite the temporary contract.

Credit with annual contract – credit with hurdles

Credit with annual contract - credit with hurdles

Temporary contracts play a major role in working life. The time limit of his employees ensures a “hire and fire” at his discretion. If the business is going well, he simply extends the fixed-term contract. If efficiency is to be increased in operation, then it is the temporary contracts that expire first. In reality, the liberal – market economy has long since replaced the social – market economy.

For affected employees, everyday work is equivalent to a permanent trial period. Just don’t get sick, withstand any work pressure, all in the hope of securing the next extension. The unsafe job has not only psychological consequences for temporary employees. A loan with an annual contract is difficult to obtain. The desire for a decent vehicle or even your own home usually remains unfulfillable for temporary workers.

Despite all the problems, the situation can also be positive. Anyone who can show an annual contract is creditworthy, at least within the time limit.

Credit despite a temporary contract

Credit despite a temporary contract

In principle, anyone who works has a chance of getting a loan in Germany. A loan with an annual contract can be easily obtained on a small scale. With a regular income from work, most credit institutions even automatically grant overdraft facilities. The amount of the dispos depends on the regular income. Despite a temporary contract, the account can be overdrawn for about a month’s salary.

The long-term loan for the new car can be made possible, for example, by the guarantee of a solvent guarantor. Anyone who asks a guarantor for help should be aware that the loan can be serviced under all circumstances. As an alternative to guarantor, valuable property security could enable the loan.

Installment loan with annual contract

If the installment loan with an annual contract can be a loan with a short term, then there are credit opportunities without additional collateral. For example, a small loan would be possible, which will be paid back within the fixed-term period. A slightly more expensive car repair or heating bills can be financed at low interest rates.

There are also options to use department store and mail order loans. Loans that are designed as sales aids offer significantly more scope for approval. Frequent requirements for lending are only the age of majority and a regular income from work that is not self-employed.

Alternative credit options with a temporary contract

Alternative credit options with a temporary contract

Credit opportunities can be realized just as easily with credit cards. When applying for a job, a working income above 600 USD is usually required. More precise questions about the employment relationship are rarely asked.

Another alternative that should be used in difficult credit ratings is private credit. Various large portals offer contact to private donors. Private investors decide who they trust. The loan with an annual contract therefore has fair approval prospects. The credit attempt is free, at least for the two market leaders.

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